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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 19 Recap

Lin Wo said to Gao Shan that he has always been incapable of looking at people. Having him more is nothing more than making the team stronger. There is no need to deceive yourself. If you break up, you will break up. It is your own choice to fall into this relationship. You can save her desperately. It’s also my own choice. Don’t be sorry, don’t need to feel guilty, let alone feel sorry for her.

After Lin Wo turned and left, Gao Shan looked at her leaving behind, and her heart was full of distress, but she was also sad in her heart. Wu Dongna saw Gao Shan It was deliberately so unfeeling, but Gao Shan did not admit it. She felt that her imagination was very rich. Wu Dongna said that Lin Wo and Su Yuan went to find Su Meihe to sign a contract. This is the only way to go. He deliberately made an appointment here just to act Lin Wo looked.

Back at the hospital, Lin Wo felt that what Gao Shan said to her was deliberately trying to tell him. At this point, she was still looking for a reason for Gao Shan. It was really stupid. Wu Dongna felt that she was just removing all precautions. Having talked about a relationship, I envy her very much. She will fight for her own sake. Nowadays, the high-speed train is so fast and instant noodle sandwiches are so convenient. Everyone is in a hurry to live in order to survive. Everything has to worry about gains and losses. Weigh the pros and cons, even the feelings.

Lin Wo can’t help but recall every detail of the two people together again and again. Gao Shan looked at every look in her eyes and every place he took her to. He couldn’t believe the truth in Gao Shan’s mouth. He didn’t want to believe it. All this is just because of use, Wu Dongna comforted her, to believe what she believes, you can also think about the mountains, but you must first take care of your body.

Gao Shan sadly came to the fountain where he and Lin Wo had been together. Looking at the fountain in a daze, he thought of Lin Wo and couldn’t help but burst into tears. At this time, Wu Dongna and Su Yuan ran to him and told him that Lin Wo was missing.

Lin Wo returned to the villa where she and her mother had been. At this time Gao Gao ran to him and found that Kang Ming was at Lin Wo’s house. He also kidnapped her and asked Lin Wo to ask Gao Gao to take revenge. Gao Gao sneaked into Lin Wo’s house. After fighting with Kang Ming, he was knocked to the ground. Kang Ming threatened to let Gao Shan watch Lin Wo die in front of him. This sentence angered Gao Gao, and Gao Shan hugged Kang Ming and fell from the stairs. Wu Dongna arrived in time, called the police, and Kang Ming was taken away.

Gao Shan wanted to chat with Lin Wo, but Lin Wo felt that everything that should be said has already been said. The adult broke up without a joke, but Gao Shan felt that the previous information was not his original intention. He just wanted to stabilize Kang Ming. He couldn’t help but kissed Linwo. He was sure he really liked Linwo, but Linwo’s heart was broken and he didn’t want to continue entangled with the mountain.

Su Yuan suggested that Gao Shan could go to Lin Wo with scorn, but Gao Shan felt that it was not that she and Lin Wo did not confirm their relationship with each other, but confirmed that they did not know how to go on. Wu Dongna told Gaoshan that Lin Wo had booked a flight back to Guangzhou tomorrow. Now Gaoshan should calmly think clearly and consider where the two should go next.

Lin Wo feels that Gaoshan is a person with many secrets. Everyone has a bottom line that he wants to hide. You can’t ask anyone to fade their protective color for themselves. During the time with Gaoshan, he feels that he can’t keep up. His steps seem to have won the case of Yijia, but without Gaoshan’s help, he might still be kept in the dark. He thought he would never escape the trap Qin Shengsheng designed for her, Mr. Wan. The thing is the same. I think I am doing justice, but it is others who can solve the problem. Without a mountain, the ending is really hard to imagine.

Lin Wo went to Qin Shengsheng and said that he wanted to go back to Guangzhou to reopen Fonda. Maybe he would fail or encounter other problems, but he hoped that his father would stop intervening in the path he chose and wanted to know where he could go.

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