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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 20 Recap

Lin Wo and Qin Shengsheng resigned. Wu Dongna saw her off. The person who came to pick her up was Gaoshan. Gaoshan hoped that Linwo would give herself a chance to explain. But Linwo refused to pay attention to Gaoshan. Gaoshan told her that she finished the homework. The case will go back. Gao Shan told Wu Dongna that he thought about it all night, and felt that Su Yuan’s stalker should be effective, and he planned to recover Linwo.

Su Yuan came to find Wu Dongna’s brother, Wu Nan. At this time, the creditor’s military brother caught up to the door. Wu Dongna followed closely and told the debt collector that she had notified the district police, and the scared debt collector hurried away, Su Yuan told Wu Dongna, Wu Nan said that her son had a very serious illness, and she couldn’t afford to borrow the loan sharks. Wu Dongna knew that her brother had never even married, let alone have a son. He was cheating on Su Yuan. The money I owed was because I lost the card game, and I owed it to others. Wu Nan finally met Su Yuan and had to cheat as much money as he could. At this time, Su Yuan realized that he had been cheated and was very angry.

Wu Nan accused Wu Dongna of reading more books and despising her brother. The source of her own money for school was unknown. Wu Nan was angry and gave Wu Nan a mouth. Su Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore and led Wu Dongna to leave.

Wu Dongna’s heart is very strong. Although she is sad, she also held back her tears. She told Su Yuan that she and Wu Nan are obviously brothers and sisters, and they are now enemies because their father left early and her mother raised her alone. It is not easy to be with her brother, so any good mother will be left to her brother. Has she ever blamed her mother, but in her third year of high school, she finally got admitted to the university she dreamed of, but her mother was laid off. Let her go to university, saying that she has no money to continue her studies, but in fact, her mother left the money to her brother to give gifts and find a job, but at that time, Wu Dongna didn’t plan to rely on anyone and wanted to make money on her own. , So she began to work part-time.

Once, Wu Nan robbed someone else’s girlfriend and was chased by his boyfriend. He ran away by himself, leaving Wu Dongna himself. She was beaten and almost dragged away. Fortunately, she was kind She was rescued. Afterwards, Wu Nan was afraid of losing his job and did not dare to tell others, but her brother thought that Wu Dongna had sex with others, which made him lose his job. Therefore, Wu Nan was very disgusted with her sister. Later Wu Dongna was alone. From Zhuhai to Guangzhou, with his unyielding character, he finally stood firm.

Wu Dongna told Su Yuan that she didn’t feel about him and didn’t want him to continue sinking, but Su Yuan wanted to protect her, so Wu Dongna took him to the hotel to test him. Su Yuan said that she was serious about her, not for peace. What happened to her, she left after talking, Wu Dongna was very happy.

After Su Yuan left, he regretted it. Gao Shan said that he did the right thing. He was a man, indicating that he really fell in love with Wu Dongna. Gao Shan came to his mother to say goodbye and said he planned to return to Guangzhou. At this time, he received a message from Sister Liu that Du Fei had broken into the Wenyin Agency and moved his computer. Gao Shan came to Mr. Sun and told him that he was from home. The situation was urgent and there was no time to report on many things. I’m very sorry. Sun always felt that it was a good thing to be aggressive.

Lin Wo intends to sell the house in order to start a business. Wu Dongna persuaded her to think about it, but Lin Wo had even found a buyer. At this time, they found that their new neighbor was going to be Gaoshan, and he wanted to get back with Lin Wo.

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