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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 37 Recap

Shao’s mother specifically came to find Su Mo’s fault. Xia Hongyuan hurriedly made a rescue. Unexpectedly, Shao Yunan also came. Shao’s mother was very agitated, and beat and screamed at him for being selfish. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran to see Shao Yunan and Shao Mu. When Shao Mu saw her face, she immediately became kind and gave her a gift.

This brooch was given by Shao Yunan when she was engaged to her. Xia Ranran was stunned for a long time seeing the logo on the brooch. Mother Shao said that it was a design by Shao Yunan. H represents his English name Henry. Xia Ranran was suspicious. Shao Yunan happened to come to her. Xia Ranran recalled that she accidentally ran into Han Yun talking with a man in a coffee shop when she was a child. She didn’t see the man’s face, but she always remembered the man holding Han Yun’s hand and Han Yun.

An extremely bright smile. Xia Ranran was very angry at the time, because her parents liked quarreling since childhood, so Xia Ranran was very rebellious at the time. Now Xia Ranran somewhat understands why Han Yun doesn’t love Xia Hongyuan, why he can’t live with him anymore, and being with someone he doesn’t love is not called home, that’s called region. Xia Ranran hoped that Shao Yunan would pass these words to Shao Yunan.

She hoped that Han Yun would be happy, but can Shao Yunan give such happiness? Han Yun engraved H on Xia Ranran’s necklace. He is Henry. Shao Yunan admitted that that person was indeed him. He liked Han Yun very much, but their relationship was not like that. When Shao’s mother passed by and heard these words, her heart collapsed and left.

Xia Ranran and Shao Yunan had finished talking and said that they had to go out first when they were unwell. Shao Mingzhe was very worried. Grandpa gave her two pieces of candy. At the beginning of the engagement ceremony, Shao Mingzhe said that it would take a lifetime to protect Xia Ranran’s happiness. Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran offered tea to their grandfather one by one. Su Mo, who was in the audience, wanted to leave first, but was stopped by the egg roll.

When Shao Mingzhe and Shao Yunan were offering tea, Shao’s mother suddenly broke the teacup and slapped her. She kept saying that Han Yun’s daughter was not allowed to marry Shao’s family. The scene was momentarily chaotic. Omelet really couldn’t understand why things happened like this, Xia Ranran also left early, and her stay here would only increase the conflict. Xia Hongyuan looked at Xia Ranran’s grievance and was very angry, determined to vent her anger.

In the hotel, grandfather asked Shao Yunan if it was because of Han Yun that he did not want this house. Shao Yunan denied that they did not cross-border behavior, and he was obsessed with it. Shao Yunan hopes that his grandfather will give Shao Yunping the position of president. All his shares in the group will also be transferred to Shao’s mother.

Over the years, he has converted to Buddhism and decided to become a monk, hoping that Shao’s mother will be perfect. Mother Shao asked him what he had done wrong like crazy. When the grandfather saw that Shao Yunan had made up his mind and did not stop him, Shao’s mother cried and asked him if it was because of Han Yun. Shao Yunan said that the failure of the marriage was due to them and cannot be attributed to a person who has passed away.

Shao Yunan and Shao Mingzhe talked about this. He was in love with Han Yun, but only courteous. When Han Yun was going to the UK, he went to send her off, but he did not expect that Han Yun was seriously injured and had four major operations or left. Up. Shao Mingzhe was a little angry, Shao Yunan owed Shao mother too much! As for Xia Ranran, Shao Mingzhe will never give up. The next day, Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran went to see Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan hoped that she would not misunderstand her relationship with Han Yun. She went to England for gymnastics. When she died, the most reassuring thing was gymnastics and Xia Ranran.

Xia Ranran burst into tears watching the video that Han Yun left for herself. Han Yun said that she and Xia Hongyuan had divorced before they met Peng Jing. It was a pity that Han Yun could not give her a complete family, but she was still very sorry. Love Xia Ranran, she wants her happiness more than anyone in this world. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran to the amusement park. Xia Ranran said that it was her happiest day when she was riding the merry-go-round in the UK.

Shao Mingzhe hoped she would be happy. However, the merry-go-round maintenance was shut down. Xia Ranran was about to leave with a disappointed expression on her face. Suddenly someone around her was playing music. A child handed over a rose. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran on the merry-go-round. Shao Mingzhe said affectionately to Xia Ranran that falling in love with her was something he couldn’t imagine in his life. Whether Shao’s mother or the whole world opposed him, he would always be with Xia Ranran.

Shao Mingzhe reluctantly sent Xia Ranran home. Xia Ranran told Xia Hongyuan to go to see Han Yun by herself. She was arranged by Shao Yunan very well. Peng Jing’s murder of Xia Ranran was exposed. Shaw and Hongyuan’s stock prices fell all the way. Grandpa and Shao Yunping were about to hold a press conference to terminate their partnership. Shao Mingzhe disagreed, saying that he and Xia Ranran had proposed marriage. Shao’s mother insisted on canceling the marriage contract and cooperation.

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