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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 38 Recap

Shao’s mother locked up Shao Mingzhe and took away his mobile phone. She kept saying that the Shao family cannot be mixed up with the Xia family. As long as he was there, he felt that Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran were not allowed to be together. No matter how Shao Mingzhe shouted, it was useless. A camera was even installed in the room. Xia Ranran was busy in a mess. Shao’s mother came to Hongyuan to look for her, saying that she would clarify that Shao and Hongyuan had no cooperation, and she wanted her to announce the news of breaking up with Shao Mingzhe as soon as possible.

Xia Ranran was emotional, she couldn’t break up with Shao Mingzhe, and she would not harm him. Shao’s mother said that she came here today through Shao Mingzhe’s acquiescence. This is what Shao Mingzhe meant. If you don’t believe it, you can call him. Xia Ranran quickly picked up her mobile phone and dialed it, but she couldn’t connect.

Xia Ranran, who was unable to contact Shao Mingzhe, was upset, and Shao Mingzhe was helpless when he was kept at home. The next day, Shaw held a press conference saying that Peng Jing was the mastermind of the crime and made clear that he would pour dirty water on Hongyuan.

Xia Ranran couldn’t go to Shao Mingzhe. She had to do a lot of things and couldn’t hurt him. The egg roll persuaded him bitterly, and Xia Ranran decided to find Shao Mingzhe. Eggroll went to Shao Mingzhe’s house to locate him and found him in the old Shao’s house. Shao Mingzhe persuaded Shao’s mother not to be obsessed with it. Xia Ranran was the last one to know about this. Shao’s mother knew it but refused to agree. Because Xia Ranran was Han Yun’s daughter, they couldn’t be together.

Shao Mingzhe was trying his best to persuade him. Suddenly, there was an omelet call from downstairs. Shao’s mother immediately took someone to grab the omelet, saying that it would never be possible for Xia Ranran to enter the gate of Shao’s house. Shao Mingzhe couldn’t sit still when he saw this, smashed the window and jumped out of the window and ran with the egg roll.

Shao Mingzhe went to find Xia Ranran with the egg roll. The egg roll hoped that Shao Mingzhe would stand by Xia Ranran’s side. Recently, she was going crazy. Xia Ranran accepted the media interview and said that Peng Jing’s crime was a personal act.

As for the relationship with Shao, Xia Ranran said that they had no intention of cooperation, and she and Shao Mingzhe were just ordinary friends. Shao Mingzhe was dumbfounded when he saw the interview. The public brought Xia Ranran back to the office and asked her why she made such a decision without discussing with herself. He wanted to be with Xia Ranran in an upright manner, even if it was for the company, there was no need to cheat.

Xia Ranran broke away from Shao Mingzhe’s hand and said that she did not lie to the media, and proposed to him to break up. The air instantly solidified, Xia Ranran kept saying that he could not accept the fact that Shao Yunan and Han Yun were together, and that Shao Mingzhe was arrogant. Shao Mingzhe only asked Xia Ranran one question, do you love me? Xia Ranran had a cold tone and stopped loving. Shao Mingzhe collapsed and left, and Xia Ranran sank on the sofa and lost all energy.

Seeing Xia Ranran’s clarification video, Shao’s mother was also very surprised, turned her head and went to see Su Mo. This time, Shao’s mother respected Su Mo very much. She hoped that she would join the Shaw Design team and offered very generous terms. Not only did she pay her generously, she also gave her shares, and even helped her set up a design company.

Su Mo forced Shao’s mother to beg for herself, and Shao’s mother had to lower her brows and please her eyes. What Su Mo really wants is Shao Mingzhe. Shao’s mother said that she would never let Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran come together. As long as Su Mo cooperates with them, Hongyuan will not be able to come back to life. This is the only way she can defeat Xia Ranran. method.

Su Mo took the supper to Lin Xiangan, and said that he felt that he owed him to be better to him. Lin Xiangan gradually became impatient. Everything before that was his willingness. Su Mo asked Lin Xiangan what she liked about herself. She had never done anything for him. Lin Xiangan didn’t know. Maybe it was because Su Mo was different from him. He had been very strict at home since he was a child and did what he should do in a strict manner.

Su Mo is different, she has an extraordinary willpower in her body. Lin Xiangan said that he would continue to open this store, but Su Mo begged him to coax him because of something. Lin Xiangan lost her temper, she didn’t need to do that! Lin Xiangan struggled for a long time and wanted to chase out, but stopped at the door. Su Mo didn’t love him at all, and it didn’t matter if he chased him. But Lin Xiangan didn’t know, so Su Mo hid and counted. Lin Xiangan did not chase him out, Su Mo decided to see him again.

Shao Mingzhe recalled the scenes with Xia Ranran, with complex pain in his heart. Shao Mingzhe ran to ask if Shao’s mother really did not force Xia Ranran to cancel her engagement, Shao’s mother looked innocent. Xia Ranran decided to ask her by herself, but met Su Mo at the door. Su Mo withdrew the design and ran to Shao.

Shao Mingzhe was very dissatisfied with her behavior of falling into the ground, but Su Mo said that she could do anything that would make Xia Ranran unhappy. Su Mo invited Shao Mingzhe to participate in the opening of her design studio. Xia Ranran also received the invitation letter. She was having a headache because the bank stopped lending to Hongyuan.

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