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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 38 Recap

After Lin Yu and Qin Yun quarreled, Li Chuyao’s enlightenment of Lin Yu’s divorce is no small matter, so she must think clearly. Chang Dale came to the company in a hurry and told everyone that they had been overshadowed by Han Zimo and Wu Yajun. Niu Siyi hurriedly asked him what happened. It turned out that Dale was picking up the goods today, but the manufacturer told him that the raw materials were not enough and the delivery would be delayed for 15 days.

Si Yi said that they had to lose money when they signed the contract and couldn’t deliver the goods when they expired. Li Luoshu knew that someone should help the manufacturer pay the compensation. He told Dale to find other manufacturers for the next batch of goods. It only depends on how much the manufacturer wants.

The new product Wing of Feiyi Technology has finalized the science and technology park of Wanhe Real Estate as the first pilot. Fang always is very angry but has no alternative. When he met with Luo Shu, he apologized and asked Luo Shu what his plans are in the future. Luo Shu said that they were also contacting other places to see if they could move in. Afterwards, Luo Shu returned to the company to tell everyone that Feiyi and Wanhe had signed a contract.

Dale was angry and said that Feiyi grabbed their ideas and made a low-level product, and also disturbed their product launch conference. Now they are playing this Insidious trick, and then he reluctantly told Luoshu a bad news, the manufacturer insisted on delaying the shipment and said that they could compensate them. Luo Shu told Dale to check when receiving the goods, and don’t let anyone do anything.

Wu Yajun and Han Zimo celebrated their victory with a toast. Wu Yajun praised Zimo’s thoughtfulness, otherwise he would not fight Luo Shu without fighting back. Zimo triumphantly said that Wu Yajun’s victory was burned by him. from. At the beginning of the evening, she read Luoshu and called him before he came back. She comforted Luoshu that it could not enter the Wanhe Science and Technology Park. There are other science and technology parks that can be settled.

Chuyao went to work the next day, but saw Zimo standing at the door of the company holding flowers in his hand. Chu Yao said that it would be useless for him to stalk him, and Zimo said he just wanted to send her a bunch of flowers. Chuyao took the flower and threw it on the ground, saying that he had accepted it, and then went straight to the company. Behind him, Zimo stopped her. He originally wanted to get her down the steps.

As long as she said something soft, he would let Luoshu products into the science and technology park, but Chuyao disappointed him too much. Chu Yao told him not to be benevolent. If Luo Shu had something to do, she would not let him go. Zimo was very sad and drank too much. Qi Yi sent him back to his place. He said he was a fool and everyone around him left. Qi Yi said he was not a fool. She was still there, but Zimo wanted to kiss her but was pushed away. Yes, she said he drank too much.

That day Li Chuyao put on makeup, and then took out several sets of clothes from the closet, but they all felt inappropriate. Suddenly she remembered a set of clothes, the same clothes that Li Luoshu bought her for the interview. Seeing that she was dressed so beautifully, her mother couldn’t help asking her if she was going out to play.

Chuyao smiled and said that she went shopping with Lin Yu. My mother was surprised when she heard that she was not tired when she was shopping and wearing high heels. Chu Yao said it looks so good. Luo Shu on the sofa turned his head to look at her, Chu Yao winked at him and smiled and went out. After that, Luo Shu also went out, and Chu Yao was waiting for him not far away, and the two happily went shopping in the mall hand in hand.

On this day, Dale came to the company and asked everyone if he saw that the billboard at the door was replaced with Feiyi’s advertisements, which had been abandoned for hundreds of years. Luo Shu feels that their publicity resources must be weak compared to Feiyi, but they can think of more creative publicity plans. So everyone brainstormed and put forward their own ideas. Luo Shu felt that they could try them all. He wanted the new products of Chuxin to settle in some high-end residential and office buildings, and then they went well with Fang’s help.

Lin Yu called Qin Yun and said she was pregnant, and Qin Yun, who was busy at the bar, hurried home immediately. He was ecstatic when he looked at the hospital’s medical certificate, but Lin Yu poured cold water on him and said that she didn’t want this child. She didn’t want the child to be born without a father. Qin Yun quickly calmed her and said that his previous words were all angry, but Lin Yu felt that they were not ready yet.

Chuyao came to Chuxin that day, and their Lohas equipment suddenly rang, Zhou Lin suddenly understood that Luoshu’s heartbeat accelerated when Chuyao came in, so this machine called the police. Chuyao and Luoshu couldn’t help but listen to them sweetly. Smiled. At this time, Chuyao received a call from Lin Yu and hurried away. I heard that Lin Yu was pregnant. Chuyao thought it was a good thing, but Lin Yu was very upset that she felt that the cost of childcare was too high and she could not even take care of herself. ,

But she has to be responsible for the child in her stomach for decades. She is scared to think about it. Chu Yao felt that she should give Qin Yun a chance, maybe he was willing to take up this responsibility. Lin Yu was moved, but she asked Chuyao to help Qin Yun change his job. She wanted him to leave the broken bar. Then Chuyao asked Mr. Shan for help, Mr. Shan agreed with Qin Yun to come to the company for an interview.

Lin Yu returned home and saw that Qin Yun had bought flowers and prepared a table of good food. He said that she agreed to have a baby but he must agree to go to work in Chuyao. Qin Yun agreed, and Zimo told Qin Yun to go. It is a good thing for Long Tian to go to work, so that he can know through Qin Yun whether Chu Yao is happy or unhappy every day.

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