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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 39 Recap

Qin Yun came to Longtian for work. He asked his colleague about Li Chuyao’s office location and went to her. Chuyao asked him if he was accustomed to working on the first day. Qin Yun smiled and said that it was good. He wanted to ask Mr. Shan and Chuyao. Yao had a meal with colleagues, and Chu Yao said that she would not go. After all, she and the finance department belonged to the two departments, and he was afraid that others would gossip and he was going to get in.

Wu Yajun heard that the secretary said that Li Luoshu and Li Chuyao had made a short film. He felt that the two little boys could make a good thing. The secretary said that the click rate and forwarding volume of the short film exceeded one million, and many netizens were there. Looking for Chuxin’s product to imitate is hot, Wu Yajun was curious and went to watch the short film and couldn’t help being amused by their performance.

Niu Siyi felt that the original intention was finally back to life. Recently, they received a cooperation request for almost 3,000 machines, but now they are short of funds. Shan Yian invited the directors to dinner and wanted to invest more in Chuxin. Although the directors were reluctant, they still agreed to give Chuxin another chance. Then Shan Yian gave Luo Shu a gambling agreement and asked him to go back and discuss it with his partners.

At the beginning of the evening, she read Luo Shu and meditated in the room to know that he was thinking about the contract. She read the contract and knew the content. The profit in the first year was 10 million, and then it rose by 12% every year. She asked Luo Shu with her original intention Can the current situation be completed? Vena does not dare to guarantee this. The biggest problem now is that this contract affects not only him, but also his colleagues, Chuyao and his parents. He is not afraid of losing but afraid of getting hurt. they. Chu Yao said that he would not hurt her, she only wanted him to do what he wanted to do.

On the second day, Luo Shu showed the contract to his partners. Zhang Yu felt that this was gambling. Niu Siyi felt that gambling had both losses and wins. Without this contract, they would not invest. Zhou Lin worried that if they failed, they would buy back the stock. The book comforted everyone that they had to win this time, and then everyone voted unanimously to sign the contract.

Han Zimo is very annoyed by the video taken by Luo Shu and Chu Yao. Wu Yajun said he would find a way to solve it. Qi Yi asked Zimo what would happen if the public knew that such a sweet video was a fake male and female protagonist. I think it can be considered. Then Zimo and Qin Yun met and he asked Chuyao how she was. Qin Yun said she should be very happy. With Shan Yian’s support, Long Tiangang invested 20 million for Chuxin to upgrade. He didn’t know what sample library was so valuable. .

Luo Shu was busy working in the company that day, and Chuyao asked him to go home early after get off work. It turned out that this day was Luo Shu’s birthday, and the whole family sat at the table to celebrate him. Mom thinks that Alone is good for him to take the opportunity. Luo Shu said that Alone has gone abroad, why is his mother thinking about it. Mother felt that he really didn’t like alone, so she asked him what he liked, Luo Shu couldn’t help but glance at Li Chuyao.

Mother asked Chuyao if Luoshu had found her again. If she found her, she would help her scold him. Dad hurriedly changed the subject and asked her to take out the birthday gift. Mom took out the scarf she knitted by herself and gave it to her son, and asked him to try it on. Luo Shu laughed and said that it was almost 40 degrees Celsius today.

In the evening, Wu Yajun let the technicians break through the original firewall. Zhang Yu, who was on duty at the company, discovered that the system called the police. He quickly told Zhou Lin that someone was going to steal their top secrets. The two of them hurriedly stopped, and then they found that the other party stopped. Only after the invasion found that someone was helping them.

The two of them told their partners about the matter the next day. Luo Shu asked them to see if the information had been leaked. Siyi guessed that it might be Huayang when he heard that someone helped, but Dale thought it could not be him. Then Luo Shu received a call from Hua Yang and wanted to talk to him about the situation last night.

Zimo stopped Chuyao from get off work and wanted to give her a beautiful necklace. Chuyao didn’t want it. Qin Yun was next to speak for Zimo. Zimo quietly told her that Chuxin Technology had been hacked last night and asked her if she wanted to know what happened next. Chu Yao was surprised when she heard it, she took the necklace and left, Zimo quickly followed.

Hua Yang told Luo Shu that he helped stop the hackers last night. Luo Shu asked him why he helped them. Hua Yang said he couldn’t understand what Wu Yajun did. Luo Shu couldn’t understand why he betrayed them in the first place. Hua Yang explained that at the time his father owed a debt while doing business and his mother was so angry that he was hospitalized. He needed the money very much.

Chu Yao and Luo Shu happened to come to this restaurant. Chu Yao threw the necklace on the table and asked Zimo what he meant. However, Zimo asked her what she wanted to eat. Chu Yao thought it was Zimo’s original intention to find someone to attack. In the database, Zimo did not admit that he just heard that he wanted to discuss with her. He also said that if Chuyao broke up with Luoshu, things might not get so bad. Chuyao said he was dreaming, and she stood up and left.

Mo chased her up and grabbed her. Luo Shu quickly walked over and pushed Zimo away when he saw this scene, and Chuyao pulled Luo Shu away. When Zimo saw Huayang, he walked over and asked if it was him last night. Huayang said no. Zimo felt Huayang had a guilty conscience. He wanted to ask Huayang to do something for him but was rejected. Later, Chuyao confirmed from Luoshu that Chuxin’s database had been hacked, and the most troublesome thing about Luoshu was that they hadn’t proved that Feiyi did it.

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