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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 40 Recap

Knowing that Chuxin was hacked, Li Chuyao was very worried, and what made Li Luo’s book head was that there is no evidence that Feiyi did it. He told Chuyao that if the data is exposed, many users will lose confidence in them. Chuyao guessed that Wu Yajun must have a move to make Luo Shu be careful.

Wu Yajun, Han Zimo, and Qi Yi are also discussing the matter. Wu Yajun feels that the evidence in Huayang’s hand is not scary, even if the network address is found, they will just find a scapegoat. Zimo asked him to set up a smoke bomb to maximize his attention. At this time, the users of Chuxin Technology would be very frightened, and then they would release the evidence.

Huayang posted on the Internet that Feiyi is attempting to unfairly compete against Chuxin, and that the first two generations of Feiyi products are copying Chuxin. After this post, someone posted a screenshot of the office software saying that Chuxin’s user information was leaked and that internal emergency remediation was underway. Zhou Lin guessed that the post was sent by Huayang.

Luo Shu asked Zhang Yu to check the network addresses of the two posts to see if they were the same person. Then he took Siyi outside and told her that Huayang had some Feiyi black in his hands. Video evidence, but he felt that this video let the outside world know that Chu Xin was not very good, and Si Yi agreed. She felt that this video could only prove that Chu Xin was hacked and it could not prove that Wu Yajun did it.

After listening to his subordinates report this matter, Wu Yajun thought that his original intention was to turn over the old accounts, so he asked the secretary to find some real-name bloggers and post some videos of Huayang’s interviews with Xinyi Technology, and then hired a new wave of navy soldiers to forward the video. Writing that post was actually guarding and stealing it. It was Chuxin Technology that was selling user information to other organizations for profit.

Wu Yajun and the secretary were chatting. At this time, Li Luoshu called. Then the two met Luoshu and asked him the hacker. Wu Yajun asked Luoshu for evidence. Luo Shu said that they are making similar products, and the industry has just started. If the original intention falls, wouldn’t it affect Feiyi? He advised Wu Yajun not to lose both sides. Wu Yajun felt that the problem was that the original intention had nothing to do with him. Luo The book reminded Wu Yajun to spend so much publicity on the product in a short time without any problems, he got up and left after saying that.

Hua Yang came to Chuxin to apologize to everyone for what happened before, and said that he could help them. Although everyone forgave him, they couldn’t believe him anymore. Luo Shu asked him how he wanted to make up. Hua Yang said he would give a tooth for a tooth. His idea was rejected by Luo Shu. Luo Shu solemnly told him that no matter how many times they failed, they would not be like Wu Yajun. And in this situation, he There is no way to return Huayang to his original intentions. Later, Siyi and Dale both received calls requesting a chargeback. Siyi worried that if they could not find a partner, they would have more debt.

Chu Yao, who was upset, was telling Lin Yu about what happened recently, when Zimo called and she hurried away. Then she came to Zimo’s residence, and at the door she asked him to return to her the data stolen from the original user. She could consider his conditions, but Zimo laughed at her whether this was a begging attitude, and the two began to quarrel with each other. , Chu Yao said that he was not afraid of doing it like his dad, Zimo was very angry and told her not to mention his dad, she was not qualified to mention it. He asked Chuyao to leave Luoshu and was rejected by her.

Zimo threatened her with a piece of news. He said that the original intention was to collect information, including fingerprints and other dangerous data for grey transactions. In less than an hour, the whole network will know this hot news. Whether it is true or not, it is enough to let this The market lost confidence in Chuangxin Technology. At that time, Luoshu was burdened with tens of millions of debts. What would happen to him? Chuyao had to compromise and agree to him. Then Zimo hugged her, and Chuyao struggled to break free. She didn’t expect a camera lens in the side door to point at them.

After Chuyao met with Yoluoshu, she told him that they should not contact her for the time being. Zimo hated her and had nothing to do with him and Chuxin, so if he wanted Zimo to give up attacking Chuxin temporarily, they only Can do that. Luo Shu disagrees but Chuyao has already decided. At the beginning of the next day, Yao went to the bar to find Zimo again, saying that she had broken up with Luo Shu, and asked him to delete the data. But Zimo said that he didn’t say that he wanted to delete the data. He asked Chu Yao to sit down and talk with them, saying that he got up to pour the empty glass for himself.

Dad was depressed when reading Luoshu, so he came to his room to comfort him, and Luoshu told him not to pay attention to what he said online. Zimo looked at Qi Mo’s secret photo of him hugging Chuyao and praised her as a good shot, and asked her to post it online. Qi Yi persuaded him to consider that if these photos were posted on the Internet, Chuyao would hate him, but Zimo wanted to hate him. After the photos were sent out, there was a lot of trouble. Shan Yian reprimanded the employees who discussed the matter and went to Chuyao to ask about it. Chuyao was very upset but said nothing.

Chuxin’s partners also knew about this. They all comforted Luo Shu not to go to their hearts. Siyi said that she was already solving those who scolded Chuxin for false marketing. Chuxin was not a lie detector, it was their spontaneous play. Yes, of course some sound and some do not sound. Luo Shu decided to go to Longtian, and Dale followed him. Later, Zhang Yu saw Zimo posting a video on the Internet saying that Chuyao is his girlfriend, she and Luo Shu are siblings, and he helped his younger brother to make videos for publicity. Is this wrong? I didn’t expect to be misunderstood by everyone. Hope everyone Stop slandering her maliciously.

Chu Yao was busy in the office. Someone told her that someone was looking for her at the door. As soon as Chu Yao walked out of the office, he saw Zimo come in. He was here to give her afternoon tea. He also told the staff in the lobby that he was It’s Chuyao’s boyfriend, let everyone not misunderstand Chuyao because of online comments. Later, Luo Shu and Dale came to Longtian and ran into Shan Yian at the door. He helped Luo Shu to make an appointment for an interview tomorrow. Luo Shu asked Chuyao, Shan Yian said she was off work. Shan Yian asked him to explain these things clearly at one time in an interview tomorrow, and the group of spectators would naturally disappear when they saw that there was no gossip.

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