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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Yingtao came to Song Chi and asked him to leave Song Chi for one million, but also begged Song Chi to give her a week to accompany Song Chi. She didn’t want Song Chi to be too sad. Father Song agreed to Xiao Cherry’s terms and gave Xiao Cherry a one million bank card. When Xiao Cherry promised to abide by her promise and leave, Father Song satirically said Xiao Cherry’s noble words, but it was actually for money. Xiao Cherry smiled with tears and admitted that she loves money. Song’s father felt that Xiao Yingtao was a corrupted character, and the assistant began to feel that she was wrong, but fortunately Xiao Yingtao had left, so that Song Chi would not be deceived.

An Kun discovered that Song Chi met Li Wenwen on the day that the surveillance did not capture her. What is strange is that Li Wenwen came to work that day, but all the surveillance did not capture him. At the same time, Song Chi also received an anonymous email saying that this incident was caused by Song’s father behind the scenes. This also made Song Chi and An Kun understand why those people were not willing to help. They must have received some kind of pressure. And this pressure must be Song Dad.

After Song Chi went back, he saw that Xiao Yingtao was asleep. Song Chi kissed Xiao Yingtao affectionately. After Song Chi left the room, Xiao Yingtao opened her eyes, her heart was full of love for Song Chi, but she had to leave.

An Kun found that Li Wenwen had disappeared, and he could not be contacted. It is basically certain that Li Wenwen did it. The matter has basically been solved, and the design draft has been revised. I believe that the press conference will be held as scheduled, Song Chi I hope everyone can relax and let An Kun and Lu Mang stop chasing Li Wenwen and put all their energy on the press conference.

Xiao Yingtao asked Song Chi for a one-week leave. Song Chi felt that the company’s business was basically over. She was worried that Xiao Yingtao was unwell. So Xiao Yingtao agreed to whatever she wanted to do. Xiao Yingtao called Mengmeng and Ian. Appointed to go to work together. On the other hand, Haotian informed Song Chi that he was going to have dinner with the client at night. Song Chi was worried about the cherry blossoms at home. He happened to see An Kun coming back and asked An Kun to eat instead. An Kun complained constantly and regretted that he shouldn’t come.

When Song Chi returned home, Xiao Cherry dressed up as a cat, pretending to be a cat maid and taking care of Song Chi. She also prepared a loving dinner for Song Chi and fed it to Song Chi. Song Chi was also happy and happy to feed Xiao Cherry. , And fiddle with the cat ears on her head from time to time. The two played billiards together, brushed their teeth together, and their affectionate eyes never left each other.

Song Chi felt that Xiao Cherry was a little abnormal and strange, so I consulted An Kun. An Kun thought that it was normal for girls to treat men well, but Song Chi was a bit cheap, and actually thought it was an abnormality. An Kun was dissatisfied with Song Chi who came to spread dog food. , This is unfair to him, a single dog, Akun pushed Song Chi out of the office door.

Xiao Ying’s vacation is full. I thought Xiao Ying’s time for work, but Lu Mang received Xiao Ying’s resignation letter. An Kun and Song Chi hurriedly called Xiao Ying’s work, but the other party had shut down, and Song Chi hurriedly went home. I rushed over and kept calling Xiao Cherry, but it always showed the shutdown state. At this time, Xiao Yingtao drove away in tears, and Xiao Yingtao left a letter to Song Chi against his will.

Xiao Yingtao lied that it was because the identity gap was too great, and she didn’t want to continue this kind of princess and prince story with Song Chi, because she was not a princess at all, but she still thanked Song Chi for loving her and gave her a princess dream. But now I woke up from the dream. Song Chi felt that Xiao Ying’s departure was caused by Song’s father and ran to question.

Father Song played the video of Xiao Ying’s request for one million to Song Chi. Song Chi still does not believe that Xiao Ying’s kind of person is. He believes in Xiao Ying’s kindness, otherwise there will be no tears on Xiao Ying’s message book. She must have left with sorrow, if the person who took the money would not be like this, but Father Song thought it might be a conscience discovery.

Song Chi left angrily, but the assistant also began to have doubts. Mr. Zhu heard that he had received one million liquidated damages before agreeing to continue working with Song Chi, and it happened to be the number that Xiao Yingtao took away. This is a coincidence. Now, Father Song asked the assistant to investigate the matter.

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