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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 11 Recap

Song Chi and An Kun talked about the fact that Xiao Yingtao took a million and left. They didn’t believe Xiao Yingtao was such a person. They remembered that they had investigated the inner ghost before, but it was too late to disclose it. Resume cooperation with them. In order to clarify this matter, Song Chi called and asked Mr. Zhu.

Mr. Zhu also admitted frankly that it was Father Song who forced him to terminate the cooperation with Song Chi, and also demanded that he must ask for one million liquidated damages. Mr. Zhu had no choice but to He did this against his will, but later it was Xiao Yingtao who found him holding a million cards, crying and begging Zhu Zong to cooperate with Song Chi.

After clarifying everything, Song Chi went to find Xiao Yingtao everywhere, and came to the place where she had experienced and walked with Xiao Yingtao, but there was no trace of Xiao Yingtao, only those fond memories. Song Chi knew that Xiao Yingtao was hiding from him on purpose, so he couldn’t find Xiao Yingyou no matter where he went. Song Chi hoped that Mengmeng would tell him if she got the news about Xiao Yingyou.

Xiao Yingtao also came to the river by herself. There are too many memories of her and Song Chi. They ate ice cream sweeter than honey. They went to the hotel where she and Song Chi once lived. They still asked for the one and two. The room where people have lived. Faced with everything she was familiar with in the yard, Xiao Yingtao couldn’t help crying. Once here, she and Song Chi had the most beautiful memories. Song Chi also deliberately told ghost stories to scare her and held her hand tightly.

Song Chi missed Xiao Cherry to buy drunk alone, and unknowingly drank too much. Song Chi didn’t understand why Xiao Cherry didn’t say anything and why she left like this. She clearly didn’t trust him, and he didn’t want Xiao Cherry’s sacrifice. Cherries are around. But An Kun thinks that Song Chi doesn’t know what Xiao Cherry needs at all. Xiao Cherry knows that Song Chi needs a career, so she will find a way to accomplish it. If she knows Song Chi needs love, she loves Song Chi wholeheartedly. Song Chi should cheer himself up now Become stronger and go to Xiao Cherry instead of drunk and drunk all day long.

Xiao Yingtao hid in the room she shared with Song Chi and wept bitterly, watching the blanket lying on the floor hugging the pillow, as if she was a little closer to Song Chi. The next day, Song Chi also came to this hotel and asked to live in the same room, but the boss told Song Chi about the fact that Xiao Cherry had been here yesterday, and he also picked up the things that Xiao Cherry had fallen from the room. The boss felt that Xiao Cherry I will definitely come back for it, because that thing looks very expensive. The boss mistakenly thought that the two were arguing and conflicted lovers, and persuaded Song Chi not to always quarrel with the little girl.

Song Chi was waiting in the yard for Xiao Yingtao’s return. Xiao Yingtao found that Song Chi had left in tears, and Song Chi did not see Xiao Yingtao. Back home, Song Chi found a post-it note on the wall, which was left by Xiao Yingtao. After Song Chi went back, he ordered someone to replace Xiao Yingtao and remove all things related to Xiao Yingtao. He didn’t want to see it again. An Kun didn’t know what happened, and he didn’t know how to comfort Song Chi.

Lu Mang and An Kun thought about going to travel after the press conference, and they also thought of Song Chi. Song Chi is now back to the old unsmiling look, even worse than before. Song Chi would at least fight with An Kun after get off work. , But now with a gloomy face all day long, Song Chi put all his thoughts on the work of the press conference.

The press conference also ended smoothly. An Kun proposed to let Song Chi take a holiday to relax. The response from the outside world to this project was also good. Song Chi also carefully considered the matter with Xiao Yingtao. Xiao Yingtao did a lot for him, and what did he do? Neither did it for Xiao Yingtao. He and Xiao Yingtao made a mistake from the beginning, a contractual relationship with an error.

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