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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 50 Recap

The paralysis of the official offices caused by the chaos has already caused chaos in Xianyang City, and it is very likely that there will be signs of infinite involvement again. At present, the Tingwei Mansion was vacant, and Ying Su was temporarily handed over to the clan’s uncle. As a result, a simple case left his uncle at a loss. Tai Shi made Hu Wujing watch this all the way, and his heart became more and more contemptuous.

The foreigners were very chilled, and then left, more than ten miles of reckless yellow sand, and good men can be seen everywhere. Li Si moved his family, looking around, and then unable to conceal his sorrow.

Hearing that Qin was chasing guests, the six countries of Shandong took advantage of the opportunity to recruit talents. Zhao Yan even set up Jintai in Handan, intending to follow the example of Yan’s daughter to buy bones, and simply ordered Guo Kai to issue an edict and invite scholars from all over the world to come and join us. Grand event.

As affairs at all levels in the Qin area have stagnated, Ying Sui, Ying Jie and his clan members wiped out the Tingwei Mansion for many years. They just wanted to prove the clan clan’s ability to govern without foreign visitors. However, although there are many accumulated cases, they are all trivial matters. Now the people who were sent to the clan by Yingxi disagree, and they argue for the long and short of the river work all day. As a result, tens of thousands of people do nothing, consume thousands of stones and food every day, and still make the drainage work wasteful. .

Ying Zheng led Wang Wan to inform Ying Xi of this matter, and Dao Ming’s priorities. In order to remedy the fault, Yingjie took Yingjie to the construction site overnight, and happened to be on the outskirts of Anza with Li Si’s team. Li Si handed over the “Book of Admonitions to the Guest” he had personally made. If he agrees with his views, he can also submit to Yingzheng.

After Yingzha and others left Xianyang, Qin Wangzheng asked Zheng Guo to pretend to be a monk, and went with him to Jingshui in a car, and decided to personally explore the drainage affairs and supervise it. At the same time, Li Si and others are about to leave the customs. It can be seen that Qin Bing suddenly chased by horses, mistakenly thinking that the clan wanted to kill, and immediately ran away. Only when he saw that the person was Meng Tian, ​​he understood that he had an oolong. .

Meng Tian was ordered to ask Li Si to stay in Hangu, and conveyed to him Yingzheng’s entrustment, frankly that the top priority should be to retain foreign visitors and prevent them from leaving Qin. Sure enough, as Meng Tian said, there are still many foreigners staying here in Hangu Pass. Yao Jia hopes that Li Si will sit in Hangu. He will go to Yingdu of Chu State and Linzi of Qi State to persuade Li Yuan and Hou Sheng to give up taking the east. As for how to lobby Zhao, there is currently no countermeasure.

Some foreign visitors have crossed the river east and have already arrived in Handan. Li Si plans to use his plan and dispatches Chen Chi to enter Zhao secretly to dissolve the solicitation. Chen Chi lived up to expectations, and when he first arrived in Zhao Jing, he frequently made troubles. He led a group of entourages to live in Bawang’s hotel, eat Bawang’s meal, and even swear in front of the Golden Terrace. The reason was that Guo Kaizhong’s private pockets were filled and the reward was halved.

Ying Zheng handed over the construction of the canal to the clan. However, the clan was very eager to make a large number of transfers to the prisoners to rush to work. Although it can save money and food and drag the crops, there are omissions in the details and negligence. Zheng Guo found the problem and immediately drafted the solution and the artwork, but Ying Zheng was not in a hurry to hand it over, only waiting for the family members of the surname Ying to recognize their fault.

The construction speed of the canal skyrocketed, and the construction was completed in only ten days. On the day of its completion, everyone gathered at the viewing platform to test the water. Originally thought that they could take advantage of this to raise their eyebrows, they never thought that they would be extremely happy and sad, because they did not understand the way to channel the canal, seeing that the canal water could not be drained and blocked on the spot.

Ying Sui planned to return to the city to plead guilty, but Ying Zheng suddenly appeared, and immediately handed him a silk book written by Zheng Guo, which was all about how to solve the accident. Yingzheng lamented Yingzheng’s talents, but Yingzheng said that he did not think of this plan.

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