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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 51 Recap

Even though the difficulties in the head of the canal can be solved by a good strategy, Ying Lai has re-emphasized the key political decisions of foreign visitors, and even planned to present the “Suggestions to the Guest” to Qin Ting. Unfortunately, his roots are too soft, and ultimately he is still unable Persuaded by a group of family members, the book was burned in public.

At the same time, Chen Chi’s strategy to Zhao Guo has been effective. The people in Handan City complained about foreign visitors. Foreign visitors also complained about Zhao Wangyan and the court because of the halving of the bounty. Guo Kai openly accepted and sold official positions. . Zhao Yan didn’t even know that the Golden Terrace was in chaos, and he wanted to recruit some foreign guests from Qin Ting’s important posts for his own use. Fearing that things would be revealed, Guo Kai quickly recommended a new female Lu to Zhao Yan, but he was forced to fool around.

However, early the next morning, Dunwei and Zhao Tong both entered the palace, and both reported to Zhao Yan that Guo Kaike deducted foreign visitors’ rewards and accepted bribes. Guo Kaiwei washed away the suspicion, and the foreigners of Qin who were framed in Zhao were all fame and fortune. Even the merchants in Handan also reported the arrogance and extravagance of the foreigners in Handan to Zhao Yan, making Zhao Yan half believe.

It happened that Chen Chi led all foreign visitors to criticize outside the palace, deliberately condemning Zhao Wangyan for being incompetent, so that Zhao Yan stood inside the door and listened thoroughly, suddenly frustrated, and ordered the expulsion of all foreign visitors. At this point, Zhao and Qin ended in failure in robbing foreigners, and Chen Chi persuaded the weak to abandon the secrets before leaving to achieve a great cause.

When Ying Zheng learned that Chen Chi’s mission was completed, he finally fell asleep. He was training the Qin army in the rain to boost morale, but unexpected news suddenly came. Qin’s torrential rain caused the big canal to burst. The people and the grain fields were seriously damaged. The clan members had no solution and did not want to take responsibility for the accident.

Seeing everyone shirk each other’s reprimands, Ying Su was greatly disappointed. Ying Zheng took Zheng Guo to the Quzhu construction site overnight, and came up with a remedial decision to prove that it seemed simple to repair the canal, but it was extremely difficult to do. Zheng Guo and other talents were needed. In a series of government negligences, Ying Zai gradually remembered Li Si’s “Book of Admonitions”, so she began to reflect on it and write a copy of its content to Ying Zheng.

In the main hall of Zhangtai Palace, Ying Zheng ordered the family members to circulate this guest book, so as to face up to the fact that Qin’s interests were damaged due to his lack of strength. However, the clan’s clan dearly ignored this, and later it was Sarah who was so angry that the court in the Ying Zheng took out a copy of the booklet, and ordered Zhao Gao to send it to everyone, and ordered the clan to speak up. Reading.

The foundation of the so-called Qin Qiang lies in sincerely recruiting capable talents and leading to radical reforms. It is a great disappointment to win people’s hearts. Not only does it make Ying Xi shameless, and Ying Zheng hates it; it also makes the officials present quite regretful. After a fierce debate, the clan members simply decided to put aside the conflict of interests with foreign guests for the time being, and worked with Qin Wangzheng to realize Qin’s long-cherished wish.

After the dynasty was over, Qin Wangzheng sent an edict to welcome back the foreign visitors who had been expelled, and at the same time personally greeted Li Si back to the city. The number of monarchs and ministers had not been seen for a day, and when they saw each other, they were deeply moved. It was precisely because Ying Zheng knew the temperament of the clan, and Li Si’s plan, he decided to take advantage of the situation to quell this “disagreement between inside and outside”, and no more worries.

Li Si made great contributions this time, and he wanted to promote him to serve as a court lieutenant, assisting in the peace of the six nations. Li Si took the opportunity to recommend two people to Yingzheng. One was Zhao Chen who was weak, and he has now defected to the State of Qin. He is a talent of the State Jiaotong University; the other is his follower Xin Sheng, loyal to protect the Lord, and quite talented. Ying Zheng learned that he had acquiesced to Dunwei to worship as a guest Qing, and arranged for Xin Sheng to go to the Tingwei Mansion as a captain of the Guardian Mansion by the way, and wait for some time to make a decision.

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