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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 10 Recap

Mi Zhendong refused to cooperate with the investigation. Luo Xinran asked Deng Yao to help check Mi Zhendong’s family and company employees. He wanted to open the gap from them, and Deng Yao first agreed. Luo Xinran went out and saw Xian Juventus arranging workers to change the light bulbs in the yard, so he led him to the surveillance room, checked the surveillance video at 1:13 last night, and saw that Deng Yao went to see Xiong Shaofeng in advance, and then went again. Find Luo Xinran.

Xiong Shaofeng conveyed the instructions of her superiors to Luo Xinran to keep her in the supervision room and cooperate with the patrol inspection team to investigate the 930 murder case of Shen Guangjun. She could not be transferred to the provincial court for the time being. Luo Xinran firmly refused. She was 33 years old and she was in the wedding room. After paying the deposit, she had long been looking forward to being transferred back to get married. Xiong Shaofeng knew her with reason and moved her with affection and persuaded her to put the overall situation first. Luo Xinran still couldn’t accept it. Xiong Shaofeng had to admit that this was Yuan Hongwei and the leader of the supervision team. Luo Xinran had no choice but to call her name to stay.

Luo Xinran asked why Deng Yaoxian first approached Xiong Shaofeng last night. Xiong Shaofeng had to admit that he asked Deng Yaoxian to return to China to defend Zhang Yiwei. Luo Xinran still felt that Deng Yaoxian’s performance was not right. Obviously, he was so sensitive to a sudden knock on the door because of the shadow. The prisoners watched the news together and saw the elevator in a commercial building suddenly reversed. Hu Dajun saw his mother on the elevator. Her leg was trampled on the spot.

Hu Dajun beat her chest and her feet sadly. Zheng Rui hurried to appease him. Hu Dajun remembered. Huang Sihai threatened him, believing that it was Huang Sihai behind the scenes. Hu Dajun wanted to find Huang Sihai’s theory, but Zheng Rui forcibly stopped it. Hu Dajun saw Huang Sihai sneer and worried that he would wait for an opportunity to retaliate, so he had to bear it. Come down.

Zheng Rui immediately reported the matter to Luo Jinsong, believing that Hu Dajun’s mother’s leg was trampled maliciously, and asked Luo Jinsong to investigate Huang Sihai’s social relations. Deng Yaoxian met with Zhang Yiwei and Zheng Shuangxue in the office of Lu Chunyang removed all the employees from the company, and apologized to Zhang Yiwei as soon as they met. He regretted letting Zhang Yiwei know Qiao Yi. That night, Qiao Yi and Zhang Yiwei After returning to the apartment, she kept sending messages to Bai Xiaolian. Qiao Yi didn’t want to have a relationship with Zhang Yiwei and wanted to get him out of the apartment as soon as possible. Qiao Yi didn’t reply in time. Bai Xiaolian called the police because she was worried that she was in danger. Lu Chunyang called Qiao Yi. The result of the examination was taken out, and the mobile phones of Qiao Yi and Bai Xiaoliao were brought.

Zhang Yiwei flipped through the phones of Qiao Yi and Bai Xiaolian and found that Qiao Yi was acting like a baby. Deng Yaoxian explained that the law only emphasizes evidence and asked Zhang Yiwei to delete these WeChat messages on the spot. Lu Chunyang explained that Qiao Yi was afraid that he did not show the accuracy to the police. Attitude, the police suspected that Zhang Yiwei was raped. He has handled everything now. Zhang Yiwei was very impatient and slammed the door in anger. Zheng Shuangxue stayed and continued negotiations with Lu Chunyang.

Ma Guangyuan desperately to please Huang Sihai, and also helped Mi Zhendong wash his underwear, but Mi Zhendong didn’t appreciate it and severely reprimanded Ma Guangyuan. As soon as Hu Dajun returned to the prison, he knelt down and surrendered to Huang Sihai, promising to let the brothers in the prison listen to him. Huang Sihai and him called brothers, and promised to find the best doctor to treat his mother. His family built a small three-story house. Hu Dajun was grateful to him, and Huang Sihai took the opportunity to ask him to do something.

Deng Yaoxian called Zheng Shuangxue aside alone, destroyed the chip of the mobile phone on the spot, and asked Zhang Yiwei to use the Bluetooth headset as an excuse. Without hearing Qiao Yi’s refusal, Zheng Shuangxue concluded that Lu Chunyang would trade Huang Sihai’s affairs. No ability to get Huang Sihaicai out of prison. As expected by Zheng Shuangxue, Lu Chunyang never asked for it, but just mentioned Huang Yuhong before leaving to remind Zheng Shuangxue that Huang Sihai was still in prison. Zheng Shuangxue knew this well, so first let Huang Yuhong want her Take out Huang Sihai.

Hu Dajun convened a meeting with prisoners in the same cell and asked everyone to expose Zheng Rui’s beating Shen Guangjun. Mi Zhendong did not want to perjury his conscience. Huang Sihai threatened to attack his wife and daughter. Mi Zhendong didn’t care and threatened to kill Huang. All over the world, let him die in prison in a reasonable and reasonable way. Hu Dajun called on the brothers to teach Mi Zhendong a severe meal. Ma Guangyuan and Kuai Yuanpeng desperately stopped him. Mi Zhendong was beaten with bleeding from his mouth and nose. He did not show weakness and threatened to take Huang. Sihai killed.

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