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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 9 Recap

When Luo Xinran was working overtime in the office to sort out the files, she saw Deng Yaoxian’s sports car roaring past the window. She thought that Deng Yao first drunk and drove away, and she felt very angry. Luo Xinran returned to the dormitory. Deng Yao jumped up from the ground and hugged her. Luo Xinran was so scared that he yelled. Deng Yaoxian repeatedly explained that he had been kneeling and reflecting and asked the driver to drive away. Luo Xinran was still reluctant and punished. He continued to kneel. Deng Yao took advantage of his precautions and hugged Luo Xinran tightly, took the opportunity to act like a baby, and slept with Luo Xinran that night.

Early the next morning, Xiong Shaofeng knocked on the door and called Luo Xinran. Deng Yao first jumped up from the bed instinctively. Luo Xinran felt that something was wrong with him, but he didn’t need to pursue him in a hurry to work. Luo Xinran and Wang Peng went to the prison together. The door guard Lao Fei accidentally said that Deng Yaoxian came to the procuratorate at 1:13 last night, but he went to Luo Xinran just after two o’clock. Luo Xinran checked Lao Fei’s register. Puzzled.

Luo Xinran and Wang Peng interrogated Mi Zhendong and asked him to describe the whole process of Zheng Rui’s assault on Shen Guangjun. He refused to cooperate. He was worried about the sick Ma Guangyuan and didn’t see it at all. Luo Xinran turned out the video and confirmed that Mi Zhendong saw it. During the whole process, Mi Zhendong still asked three questions, and Luo Xinran was helpless.

Feng Sen came to the dormitory building outside the prison early in the morning and met the alien and another wave of brokers. The alien claimed that the president of the court was his third uncle and promised to help Feng Sen get people out of the prison. Another broker claimed that he The boss of Warren is called Shaking the stick, and he is an old comrade-in-arms with Warden Wang. He also revealed that Zheng Rui is the godson of Warden Wang. Unexpectedly, the boss of the aliens is also Shaking the stick. If they disagree, they quarrel with each other. Feng Sen hurries. Hide aside. Hu Xue’e gestured to Feng Sen at the entrance of the stairs, and Feng Sen took advantage of the chaos to leave with Hu Xue’e.

Feng Sen invited Hu Xue’e to dinner and advised her not to stay outside the prison every day. Hu Xue’e was worried that Xu Dafa’s wife and brother were playing tricks behind their backs. Together with the prison guards, they attacked Shen Guangjun and repeatedly stated that Shen Guangjun is a good and filial child and treats Miao Miao. Shen Guangshun didn’t care about Miao Miao’s disappearance.

He just wanted to use this to deceive her house. Hu Xue’e also handed over all the collected information to Feng Sen and begged him to get justice for Shen Guangjun. Hu Xue’e also took it. I gave out a small ticket for shopping in the supermarket. It was a small ticket for Shen Guangjun to buy a screwdriver. It was far from the small woods where Xu Dafa was killed. Feng Sen took photos one by one to leave the permit.

Hu Xuee apologized to Feng Sen for what he had done before, regretted driving him away from the hospital and threw away his information. Feng Sen didn’t care. Hu Xuee placed all hopes on Feng Sen and asked him not to pay the price. Feng Sen only asked her to pay for today’s meal. Feng Sen promised to find out the truth, hoping that Hu Xue’e would provide more evidence and clues. Hu Xue’e gave all the deposit for selling the house to Feng Sen, and asked him curiously about what he knew. People from the public, procuratorate and legal departments.

Feng Sen admitted that he was familiar with Chief Prosecutor Yang Tao, as well as Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran. Hu Xue’e believed him deeply. Luo Xinran happened to bring Wang Peng to dinner. She heard Feng Sen and Hu Xue’e talking and came to expose Feng Sen on the spot. Hu Xue’e was so angry that Feng Sen took the opportunity to sneak away. Luo Xinran persuaded Hu Xue’e not to believe in Feng Sen. Hu Xue’e accidentally dropped the money bag in her hand. Except for a few RMB, the rest was blank. Luo Xinran jokes that Hu Xue’e is also a liar.

Seeing that Luo Xinran and Wang Peng were about to leave, Hu Xue’e hurried to catch up and fell to her knees. He begged Luo Xinran to help save Shen Guangjun, and forced her to die. Luo Xinran persuaded her with all his heart, and the onlookers also advised Hu Xue’e not to be too extreme. Luo Xinran took the initiative to add Hu Xue’e’s WeChat.

Wu Qiang received a notice from his superiors that the patrol inspection team is coming to Orange Island. Because the supervision office is short of staff, he wants Luo Xinran to stay in Orange Island. He cooperates with the patrol inspection team to investigate Shen Guangjun’s 930 murder case. Xiong Shaofeng can’t help but fight the injustice for Luo Xinran. She stayed in Orange Island for six years and wanted to be transferred back to the provincial capital to get married as soon as possible, but Wu Qiang had decided, and Xiong Shaofeng had to do it.

Hu Xue’e returned to the boarding house under the overpass and saw Feng Sen waiting for her there. Hu Xue’e believed that he was a liar, but didn’t want to lose any hope. She had to bite the bullet and deal with Feng Sen. Feng Sen desperately explained the reason for the escape yesterday. Hu Xue’e didn’t believe it at all. Feng Sen wanted to find Shen Guangjun and Song Limin to find out the situation. Hu Xue’e advised him to give up as soon as possible. Both of them thought Shen Guangjun lost Miao Miao and hated Shen Guangjun.

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