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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 46 End Recap

Guan Yuqing heard that Xu Qingfeng had signed up for the Wuhan Anti-epidemic Rescue Team, and was reluctant to separate from him. She was also worried that he would be infected, but she did not want to hold him back. Xu Qingfeng promised to do a good job of protection. Guan Yuqing still couldn’t let go.

Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing went home to see their parents together. Gao Jianling and Xu Xiulan happily closed their mouths together and greeted them to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner tomorrow. Xu Qingfeng suddenly received a notice from the hospital that he was selected as the medical team, and tomorrow Leaving at one o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Qingfeng explained the truth to his parents, Xu Xiulan was immediately dumbfounded.

Xu Qingfeng knew that Gao Jianling had participated in the battle against SARS, so she asked him about the knowledge and precautions of anti-epidemic protection. Xu Xiulan, tolerating the reluctance and anxiety in her heart, took out the clothes and daily necessities she prepared for Xu Qingfeng, Gao Jianling She took out the protective clothing and white coat used to fight SARS and gave them to Xu Qingfeng to encourage Xu Qingfeng to contribute to the Wuhan epidemic. Guan Yuqing hurriedly cooked glutinous rice balls, and a family of four passed New Year’s Eve ahead of schedule.

Today is the day to protest the departure of the medical team. The dean led all the medical staff to see them off. Xu Qingfeng, as the captain of the medical team, issued a short vow. The members of the medical team and their families bid farewell to each other. Guan Yongnian, Liu Shuqi Gao Jianling and Xu Xiulan saw Xu Qingfeng off. Guan Yuqing had a flight mission but did not come. Xu Qingfeng embarked on the journey under the ardent gaze of both parents.

Xu Qingfeng and members of the medical team took the special plane of Asia Pacific Airlines. Before takeoff, the captain led the crew to send a farewell speech to everyone, and gave each member free air tickets. He hoped that they would go home as soon as possible, and promised to pick them up as scheduled when the epidemic is over. When Xu Qingfeng saw that the captain was Guan Yuqing, he was extremely excited. Guan Yuqing publicly explained that her husband was also a member of the rescue team. She bowed deeply to express her gratitude to everyone and hoped that they would return safely to reunite with their families.


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