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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 21 Recap

Gao Shan, which had become neighbors with Lin Wo, began to stalk Lin Wo and sneaked into Lin Wo’s house. She said that she had read the novel written by Lin Wo. Lin Wo was surprised, but she didn’t want to pay attention to Gao Shan and drive him away. After going out, Gao Shan said goodnight to Lin Wo through the door and left.

The next day, Lin Wo was waiting for the bus downstairs. Gao Gao drove to pick up Lin Wo. Lin Wo was unwilling and refused him. When Gao Shan came to the skyscraper, Du Fei asked Gao Gao to take out the phone for inspection. To prove his innocence, Gao Gao took the phone to Du Fei for inspection. Du Fei deliberately pretended to be a hand slipper and threw the phone on the ground.

Gao Gao knew that Du Fei was Deliberately making things difficult for him, Su Yuan on the side couldn’t stand it. He wanted to find Du Fei to settle the account, but was stopped by Gao Shan. Su Yuan told Gao Shan that Huang Feng and Sun Li from the hometown met in private, and they wanted to unite against Gao Gao, Gao Shan. It was clear in his heart that Sun Li was determined to drive him away.

Su Yuan learned that Gao Shan moved upstairs to Lin Wo’s house and became a new neighbor with her, and Wu Dongna lived with Lin Wo again. In order to meet Wu Dongna, he wanted to take the excuse of cooking for Gao Shan to live in Gao Shan’s house. Within a few days, I can get closer to my goddess.

Gao Shan listened to Sister Liu’s work requirements and sorted out the old information. At this time, he found information about Sun Li, and he immediately met with Su Yuan. They suspected that there was a problem with the dividends of Yunmo’s future project. This project was Sun Li’s battle in the skyscraper.

On the surface, there is no problem with the famous project, but Sun Li also has an empty shell project in the same period. It is very likely that Sun Li’s blindfold is hanging down the excess dividends in the future. Su Yuan suggested that Gaoshan seize it. This time I came to deal with Sun Li and released the news first, but Gao Shan didn’t want to hurt innocent people. This approach was very similar to Lin Wo.

Lin Wo asked Deng Li to meet. Deng Li complained that the new job was very tired and he didn’t want to go on. Lin Wo persuaded Deng Li to resign and come over to help her. Deng Li agreed. Lin Wo gave Deng Li the office location. Gao Shan sat behind Lin Wo, overheard Lin Wo and Deng Li’s conversation, and silently cheered Lin Wo’s business.

Wu Dongna returned to the company and heard that Amy had been transferred to Lu Dong’s group. She was very angry and went to Jason to complain. Lu Dong came over to ridicule Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna was not to be outdone. The two argued with each other. endlessly.

Su Yuan asked someone to follow Wu Dongna. He learned that Lu Dong had dug Wu Dongna’s most trusted man. Lu Dong found someone was following Wu Dongna to secretly photograph him. He thought it was Wu Dongna’s instigation, so he went to warn Wu Dongna. Su Yuan appeared in Wu Dongna’s office to help her. Wu Dongna knew that it was Lu Dong who Su Yuan asked someone to take a sneak photo of Su Yuan.

The next day, Lin Wo and Deng Li went to see the office location, but Lin Wo didn’t want to rent the office because the price was too high. The agent said that the house is mainly going abroad and the house needs to be sold urgently. The price will not be very expensive. Lin Wo felt that there was no good thing in the sky. , So he pulled Deng Li away and wanted to see the next one.

Su Yuan told Gaoshan that he saw Huangfeng in the parking lot. It is estimated that Sun Li was about to start his hands. At this time someone came to Gaoshan and told him that Deng Li was waiting for him downstairs, but Du Fei happened to come to Gaoshan and said that Sun Li had something to look for him. , But Takayama ignored it.

Lin Wo guessed that the house must have something to do with Gaoshan. She came to Gaoshan. Gaoshan explained that the house is a friend and the rent is very cheap. Linwo said that he did not want to accept Gaoshan’s help. At this time, Su Yuan ran to tell Gaoshan that Sun Li began to curse. Gao Shan rushed to see Sun Li, and Huang Feng was also there. Sun Li used Huang Feng to sort out the accounts of his family as an excuse, saying that he had found some problems with funds, and asked Gao Gao to explain the flow of funds. Clearly, Sun Li said that Gao Shan and Su Meihe secretly transferred the funds. Huang Feng cooperated with Sun Li in acting and sang and made peace, but Gao Shan did not object.

Sun Li received a call from President Luo and asked Gao Gao to go to the office to find President Luo. Gao Gao came to President Luo. President Luo appointed Gao Gao as the vice president of the investment department. Gao Shan knew that the future dividends of Yunmo was a test left to him by President Luo, so he confessed Accepted the position of Vice President of the Investment Department.

Su Yuan wanted to celebrate for Gao Shan’s promotion to Vice President, and asked Lin Wo if he wanted to congratulate Gao Gao, but Lin Wo refused. Gao Gao was promoted to Vice President. In order to defeat him, Sun Li asked Du Fei to investigate Gao Shan’s past. . Gao Shan asked Su Yuan how to save Lin Wo’s heart. Su Yuan told him that what modern women want is not someone who loves her, but someone who can understand her.

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