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Dear Renew 亲爱的续杯 Episode 1 Recap

Lin Chen recruits a new barista, Lu Yu successfully interviewed for the position

Lin Chen was a little confused about his future. He came to the fortune teller, and the fortune teller asked him to select a card from it to explain that although Lin Chen’s future has an abyss, there is a sun behind him, indicating hope, and he will meet a person who will change his life in two days.

Lin Shuai was bored by the side. Suddenly he heard the sound of the car outside and looked up as if it were a rich man. He hurriedly poked Lin Chen, motioning him to look up, and said that the person who changed his life was coming.

From the car was a woman dressed in more luxurious clothes. She spoke English and looked noble, but as soon as she entered the door, she was slipped by the ice that fell at the door. Lin Chen and they quickly helped her sit down.

This woman’s name is Qian Dahua and she is the shareholder representative of their store. She originally wanted to speak English, but in fact She was so angry that she couldn’t help switching to Chinese, and the fortune teller just now was not a professional divination. Her job was the designer of the house.

At this time, Qian Dahua heard the sound of the locomotive outside the door and suddenly attracted her attention. A strong man came in, and suddenly captured Qian Dahua’s heart, strong man. Originally, he was quite cool, but he was also slipped by the ice at the door, so Qian Dahua quickly pulled him over and sat next to him.

The person’s name is Dajiang, a friend of Lin Chen. As soon as he heard this, he suddenly changed his face and began to get close to Dajiang. Because Qian Dahua wanted to get close to Dajiang, the way she spoke was not normal. Dajiang wanted to stay away from her, but Lin Shuai called him over.

Lin Shuai analyzed the current situation to Dajiang, and Dajiang said that he would help Lin Chen.

When Lin Chen was negotiating with Qian Dahua, Qian Dahua wanted to close the cafe. As soon as Dajiang heard this, he immediately used beauty to lure Qian Dahua not to let the cafe close. Qian Dahua agreed, but also asked them to find a professional barista.

Do what you say. The next day, Lin Chen, Lin Shuai and Lu Xinyu began to recruit baristas. They interviewed many people, but those people were either unprofessional or their minds were abnormal. Lin Chen was about to collapse. After interviewing many people, they still didn’t find the right person.

During their interview, Zhou Shiyao came to the interview. Zhou Shiyao said that she had liked coffee very much since she was a child. After Lin Chen and others tasted Zhou Shiyao’s coffee, they vomited it out. Zhou Shiyao really made it too bad. They persuaded Zhou Shiyao to quit.
In the end, they still didn’t find the right candidate. Qian Dahua complained that Lin Chen should have just left Zhou Shiyao.

At this time, another recruiter, Lu Yu, came. She said her concept of coffee, which is similar to what Lin Chen had heard before. Lin Chen had a little feeling. Lu Yu made coffee, and everyone felt very good after tasting it. Drink it, and they also feel that the taste is particularly familiar.

Everyone else looks at Lin Chen. Lu Yu said that her coffee is called Constellation Coffee. This is the same as the name of the girl in Lin Chen’s memory. Lin Chen’s temper suddenly broke out, but Lu Yu was not panic at all. He gave Lin Chen another cup of coffee and successfully calmed Lin Chen down. Lin Chen. Lin Chen also promised to let Lu Yu stay.

At night, when Lin Chen was drinking on the roof, Lu Yu came over. Lin Chen had a discussion with Lu Yu about wine, and the distance between the two was closer.

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