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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 39 Recap

Xia Ranran made an appointment with Su Mo, but Shao Mingzhe suddenly rushed to Hongyuan, pulled her into the car without saying anything, and took her back to the subway entrance where the two met, and asked her if she remembered what she said here. Words Shao Mingzhe guessed that Xia Ranran might be in order not to hurt herself, but Xia Ranran denied it with a smile, and said that the real reason was that he had no use value. Xia Ranran returned the engagement ring to him, and Shao Mingzhe broke up with her angrily. Xia Ranran was sad watching Shao Mingzhe leave. He had been protecting herself, and she could only protect Shao Mingzhe in this way.

Xia Ranran met Su Mo and wanted to make a bet with her to see who would win the Southern Suburb project first, and unconditionally obey the request of the other person if she lost. Xia Ranran’s request was that if Su Mo loses, he will leave here and never come back again. Su Mo agreed. At the press conference the next day, Su Mo repeatedly claimed that Hongyuan had hired herself because she was Lin Xiaodong’s daughter-in-law, and that Hongyuan had funding problems.

The reporter immediately looked at Xia Ranran, but Shao Mingzhe suddenly lied about Su Mo that she was no longer Lin Xiaodong’s daughter-in-law, and the assets transferred by Peng Jing would also be returned to Hongyuan Group after investigation.

Su Mo was besieged by reporters, Xia Ranran chased it out and thanked Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe said that he was not here to help her, but only to expose the truth. The next time they met, they were really just ordinary friends. Xia Ranran hid at home to watch Shao Mingzhe’s scene of breaking through Su Mo today. Unknowingly, her eyes were wet. She still wanted to be with Shao Mingzhe, but could not be with him. Before the press conference, Shao’s mother called Xia Ranran and said that if they were together, his grandfather would sever ties with Shao Mingzhe and drive him out of Shao’s house.

Xia Ranran could not involve him. The only thing he could do was break up with Shao Mingzhe. . Shemechangsj has always been Shao Mingzhe taking care of her, helping her go to school, taking revenge, and helping her find her mother, but he suddenly disappeared from his own world. Xia Ranran would rather be questioned by the whole world than embarrass Shao Mingzhe, this time she would protect him.

Shao’s mother scolded Shao Mingzhe and asked him to come to the company for a meeting tomorrow. Mother Shao asked Su Mo why she didn’t tell herself about breaking up with Lin Xiangan. She didn’t care about Su Mo’s design plan.

, Just because she is Lin Xiangan’s girlfriend. Shao’s mother asked Su Mo to get out of the office and brought her pile of waste papers. Su Mo’s pride was stung again. Su Mo’s affairs were full of storms in the city. Someone made up stories that she broke up with Lin Xiangan because of cheating. Lin Xiangan rushed to Su Mo’s house and clarified the matter in front of him. It’s sad that Su Mo’s strength is denied. Mother Shao is right. You are not the one who left Lin Xiangan for her designs.

Lin Xiangan encouraged her to persevere. He liked her not because of her aura, but her perseverance. The bank agreed to continue to provide loans to Hongyuan to solve the funding problem. Xia Ranran breathed a sigh of relief, and went to the bar with egg rolls in the evening. Egg Roll said that he had a very suitable candidate for the Southern Suburb project, Su Mo. She was fired by Shao’s mother. Although she is not very good, the design is indeed excellent.

Xia Ranran went to Su Mo’s house the next day, and the two almost pinched them when they met. Lin Xiangan made breakfast for Su Mo, Xia Ranran brought it over and ate it, and Su Mo immediately took the second bowl. Xia Ranran said that Su Mo’s design was the most satisfying version she had ever seen. She shouldn’t have affected her lofty goals because of her small emotions. The two finally shook hands and reached a cooperation. Shao Mingzhe and Shao Shi handed over their resignation letters. Because they made good suggestions at the press conference yesterday, Shao Yunping urged him to stay. Shao Mingzhe decided to leave Shaw Brothers. There are many beautiful things in life worth discovering.

Newman’s design is very similar to Su Mo’s design. Su Mo was excited to go to Shao’s mother to discuss this design. She had only shown this design to Xia Ranran! Xia Ranran watched Su Modi’s design step by step and realized that it was not her plagiarism, but they had no evidence. For the bidding tomorrow, everyone decided to work together to make a more perfect design plan. Faced with the nervousness of Newman Su Mo, everyone was noisy, Xia Ranran decided not to change the work, their work is original and upright! Xia Ranran believes in Su Mo and believes that her design can best replace the image of Hongyuan.

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