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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 40 End Recap

Xia Ranran believed that Su Mo’s work was the best at first, which made Su Mo a little moved, and Xia Ranran took the initiative to hug her and support her. Xia Ranran and Su Mo rushed to submit the design draft, and now they are waiting for the result. Su Mo thanked Xia Ranran for treating her as a designer Su Mo, whether she was Lin Xiaodong’s daughter-in-law or Shao Mingzhe’s ex-girlfriend.

Xia Ranran told her that she was already standing on the edge of the cliff, and that the money needed to maintain the company must be borrowed from the bank. If the project fails, Hongyuan will go bankrupt, but she is ready to fail, and Su Mo has fallen into it. At the bottom of the valley, there is no fear of failure.

Soon after Xia Ranran received a call and looked lonely, Su Mo quickly stepped forward to comfort him. Xia Ranran tremblingly said that they won the bid for the Nanjiao Cultural and Sports Center project, and they succeeded! Shao Mingzhe temporarily left the Shaw Group, looking at the mixed feelings in the contract he signed with Xia Ranran, maybe all this should be over. Su Mo packed up and planned to leave Lin Xiangan’s house. Xia Ranran came to pick her up. Su Mo planned to fulfill his promise and leave the city if he loses. Lin Xiang’an came right after the two of them left. They saw that Su Mo’s things were gone, only a letter was left on the table.

Xia Ranran sent Su Mo to the airport and asked her what to do if Lin Xiangan left. Su Mo said that he might live better without himself. Lin Xiangan hurried to the airport to look for Su Mo’s figure in the crowd, but Xia Ranran deliberately took Su Mo back home with the excuse that he wanted to go in and get things. After a long time Xia Ranran still didn’t come out, so Su Mo had to go up to find her, but Xia Ranran didn’t know where she went. This house has many memories of Su Mo and Xia Ranran.

They went home from school together. Xia Ranran also said that she would be friends with her for a lifetime. If Xia Ranran really bored each other, she would find a place. Fill it with flowers, balloons, and champagne, and forgive each other no matter who is wrong. Su Mo opened another room, there were many roses and balloons, and Xia Ranran was waiting for her with champagne.

Lin Xiangan ran across the airport but failed to find Su Mo, and fainted in a hurry. Su Mo was drinking with Xia Ranran, Xia Ranran said that he really liked Shao Mingzhe, whether he was narcissistic or domineering. Su Mo asked Xia Ranran to call Shao Mingzhe, and hiding here would not solve the problem. Xia Ranran said that she was the same, and she was also running away from Lin Xiangan.

As soon as Su Mo was about to catch the plane, Xia Ranran received a call from Egg Roll saying that Lin Xiangan had fainted, and the two hurried to the hospital. When he rushed to the hospital, Xia Ranran winked at the egg roll, and the egg roll described Lin Xiangan’s condition with added oil and jealousy. Lin Xiangan opened his eyes and saw that Su Mo was very happy. Su Mo shed tears and apologized to him. It was all her fault. She always lived in the past and caused troubles carelessly.

For so many years, Lin Xiangan let her , Hurt her, but she didn’t even know Lin Xiangan was sick. Su Mo thought that Lin Xiangan really had a brain tumor like the egg roll said, and cried and begged him not to die. She wanted to live with him for the rest of her life. Lin Xiangan hurriedly explained that he just didn’t eat breakfast in the morning and had hypoglycemia. Xia Ranran and Dan Roll ran away. Su Mo wanted to settle accounts with them like this. Lin Xiangjianzuo fell on the ground and hugged Su Mo. This time he would never Will let go again.

Egg Roll and Xia Ranran were very happy to see the two reconciled. Egg Roll told a secret, saying that on the day Su Mo was fired by Shao’s mother, Shao Mingzhe called himself, and he used his own brand and real estate to give Hong Yuan’s loan was secured, and Xia Ranran asked Su Mo to be a designer. Xia Ranran learned that the truth was very complicated, and hurriedly asked where Shao Mingzhe was. Xia Ranran went to Shao Mingzhe’s house and recorded a sentence of sorry, I love you in the doll. However, Shao Mingzhe was not at home, and the phone could not be reached. She waited downstairs until late at night and did not see Shao Mingzhe.

During the meeting, Xia Ranran was absent-mindedly absent-minded. Today is Christmas, Xia Ranran simply gave everyone a holiday. The Christmas Day atmosphere is very strong, Xia Ranran saw Shao Mingzhe’s face suddenly appeared on the big screen outside the window, and said to her Merry Christmas and asked her to come over and spend the New Year together. Soon after, Shao Mingzhe, Xia Ranran, Su Mo, and Lin Xiangan arrived in the dreamlike manor in a carriage and entered the palace of a happy marriage together.

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