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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 12 Recap

Xiao Yingtao came to Mengmeng and Ian, and the two also blamed Xiao Yingtao for disappearing without a trace, and they refused to say. Xiao Yingtao violated her heart and said that she had already figured it out. Even if she is broken in love, it is no big deal. Everything can be restarted , And Xiao Yingtao has also found a small company to apply for, and refused Ian to send her to study abroad, but also said that she wants to get everything she wants.

Ian couldn’t bear to let Xiao Yingtao endure the pain alone. He came to Song Chi personally and expressed his envy and jealousy of Song Chi. At the same time, he told Song Chi about Xiao Yingtao’s interview with the company. Song Chi also knew Ian. It is Ishan’s heir. I guess he sent the anonymous letter last time, but Ian doesn’t admit it.

When Xiao Yingtao came for an interview, she didn’t expect it to be Song Chi. Xiao Yingtao would run away when she saw it. Song Chi caught up with Xiao Yingtao and admitted that she was angry at first, thinking that Xiao Yingtao did not trust him and did not give him the responsibility. Come to carry it, and then I want to understand that this is all Xiao Ying’s love for him. But Xiao Yingtao did not understand that this project is nothing compared to Xiao Yingtao. Without Xiao Yingtao, all this is meaningless to him.

Song Chi will not give up the relationship between the two for anything, even if it has nothing. He also believes that everything can be built from scratch when the two of them are together. In his heart Xiao Yingtao is the most important existence. Xiao Yingtao promises to face the future with Song Chi, Song Chi loves to kiss Xiao Yingtao.

Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao returned one million bank cards to their father, and believed that Xiao Yingtao loved him, not for money. If his father had to object to him being with Xiao Yingtao, he would be kicked out. In the company, he will not give up his love with Xiao Yingtao, but in his heart he will still love his father and will not bear hatred. Then Song Chi took Xiao Yingtao and left. In fact, Father Song didn’t intend to embarrass Xiao Yingtao and Song Chi, but wanted to test Xiao Yingtao. Xiao Yingtao also passed his test. Song Chi was happy to ask the secretary to look it up. The origin of cherries.

Xiao Yingtao followed Song Chi back home. An Kun was happy to prepare a dinner for Xiao Yingyou. Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao stood on the balcony and looked at the moon in the sky. They were satisfied and hoped for the rest of their lives. Together, Song Chi vowed to love Xiao Yingtao forever, Xiao Yingtao happily promised to love Song Chi forever, and the two kissed deeply.

Every day in front of An Kun, Xiao Yingtao and Song Chi feed each other. An Kun is dissatisfied and accuses the two of showing affection early in the morning, simply ignoring his feelings. Seeing the two affectionate people in front of each other feeding each other, it is really unbearable. An Kun left quickly and couldn’t eat anymore. Xiao Yingtao is about to have business. Song Chi hopes that An Kun Luman and Haotian can help make a birthday party. Then he will formally establish a relationship with Xiao Yingtao at the birthday party.

Mengmeng is also busy helping Xiao Cherry choose clothes, and she is not satisfied that Xiao Cherry will leave such a good man. Xiao Cherry is full of happiness at this time and will never leave Song Chi again. The two will be together forever, Meng Meng pouted her lips in dissatisfaction.

Everyone sang a happy birthday song for Xiao Cherry. Xiao Cherry silently made a wish. Song Chi thanked Xiao Cherry for everything he did for him, thanked Xiao Ying for coming to him, and thanked Xiao Cherry for his love for him. He knew that Xiao Cherry’s biggest wish was to Study hard. As a love for Xiao Yingtao, he will not restrain Xiao Yingtao. He also prepared a qualification certificate for studying abroad. He is willing to wait for Xiao Yingtao to return for three years. Time and space will never become an obstacle to the two people being together. He loves Xiao Yingtao, and will often go to London to see her. Three years will pass quickly, and their love will not be due to time. Any changes. Xiao Yingtao looked at Song Chi affectionately, and the two kissed each other under the gaze of everyone.

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