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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 12 Recap

The Orange Island Procuratorate, the No. 1 Prison and the Gulf Police Station in the jurisdiction jointly attacked and arrested a group of brokers and massage girls who depended on the prison for survival. Feng Sen was among them. Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran interrogated Feng Sen overnight. Feng Sen revealed their true identity and admitted He is the leader of the itinerant inspection team dispatched by the procuratorate. The code name is “Nine Zhuan Fat Intestines”. The task is to re-investigate the murder of Shen Guangjun, and the action tonight is the clue he provided. Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng were shocked. The unshaven man in front of him was a famous undercover hero, and Xiong Shaofeng hurriedly opened his handcuffs.

Zheng Rui is Feng Sen’s own son. His mother, Zheng Weili, was crushed to death by multiple vehicles. Feng Sen did not return home until three days later. Zheng Rui determined that it was because he had offended others and murdered his mother. He hated him deeply. The father and son still hate him. Without contact, I didn’t expect to meet again on such occasions. Zheng Rui kept guarding the door of the interrogation room, wanting to know the situation inside. Feng Sen wanted to inquire about the broker and the masseuse, so Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng beat him up so as to gain the trust of the brokers. They couldn’t get the hands off, and Feng Sen injured himself and shouted ” The police beat someone,” Xiong Shaofeng sent Feng Sen back to the detention room.

Zheng Rui saw blood stains in Feng Sen’s nose, and mistakenly thought Luo Xinran and the others did it, and reasoned with them on the spot. Luo Xinran ignored him and reported to Xiong Shaofeng that Zheng Rui deliberately let Feng Sen away during the arrest. Xiong Shaofeng was puzzled and had to ask Director Sheng to call Feng Sen again to ask Ming why.

Director Sheng interrogated the aliens. He confessed that his accomplice was Feng Sen. Director Sheng pretended to be strict and called out Feng Sen to Xiong Shaofeng. Feng Sen admitted that Zheng Rui was his own son, and Zheng Rui wanted to secretly let him go last night, Xiong Shaofeng was surprised. Feng Sen immediately decided to hold an emergency meeting and revealed to Xiong Shaofeng and others the clues of the unannounced visit in the past week.

Xu Dafa’s family intimidated and threatened Hu Xue’e, threatened to harm Shen Guangjun, and used Shen Guangjun’s arm fracture to plant and frame Zheng Rui. Feng Sen felt that Mi Zhendong was suspicious. Let Luo Xinran be responsible for investigating the matter. Luo Xinran believed that he was trying to clean up Zheng Rui and spoke coldly to him.

Director Sheng sent Feng Sen back to the detention room. Feng Sen asked Director Sheng to kick him in front of all the brokers and prostitutes. Director Sheng had to do so. As soon as Feng Sen returned to the detention room, he severely taught the aliens, warning them not to talk nonsense, and asked the brokers about the swinging stick. The massage woman Xiaoling admitted that he had seen it.

Xian Youwen prepared shrimp dumplings and instant noodles overnight. Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran discussed the case while eating, Xian Youwen hurriedly escaped. Luo Xinran suggested restricting Zheng Rui’s freedom. Chai Mingchu promised to report to Chen Yong. Xiong Shaofeng knew that Luo Xinran deliberately targeted Feng Sen because Yuan Hongwei and Feng Sen asked her to stay in Orange Island to re-investigate the 930 case, which prevented her from being transferred back smoothly. At the Provincial Court, even the marriage was delayed. Xiong Shaofeng advised Luo Xinran not to act voluntarily. Luo Xinran was stubborn about the matter and insisted that Zheng Rui be suspended. Xian Juventus was busy cleaning up after he was busy, willing to do logistical work for everyone, Xiong Shaofeng persuaded him to rest early, and he was not tired.

Chen Yong asked Shen Hao to notify Zheng Rui to temporarily suspend his job. Zheng Rui realized that this was Luo Xinran’s work, and was speechless. He was somehow Feng Sen’s scapegoat, and Shen Hao desperately pacified Zheng Rui. The police interrogated the brokers one by one, and Feng Sen and Fang Xiaoling were left in the detention room. Fang Xiaoling seduce Feng Sen in every possible way, and Feng Sen wanted to inquire about the whereabouts of the stick. Wu Qiang, Xiong Shaofeng, Chen Yong and others were watching Feng Sen and Fang Xiaoling’s every move in the monitoring room. Chen Yong used tea instead of wine, and urged Wu Qiang to find out the agents behind the brokers as soon as possible, so as to remove suspicion for the prison officers.

Feng Sen and Fang Xiaoling punched. They both played Truth or Dare. Feng Sen lost the game. He told the story of his wife being crushed to death by multiple cars in the underground garage. He wanted to avenge his wife. Fang Xiaoling was moved by his story. Wu Qiang and others were also moved. Feng Sen learned from Fang Xiaoling that Huang Sihai deliberately murdered, but Xiong Shaofeng’s mediation was determined to be manslaughter, Wu Qiang hurriedly turned off the surveillance, not wanting to listen to Fang Xiaoling’s nonsense. Shen Guangshun drove Hu Xue’e to the broker gathering place and learned that they were all arrested last night.

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