The ‘Undying Teachings’

Phra Ajahn Plai Panya Pthipo, a practitioner of Wat Aranyaweek (Ban Pong), Aranyaweek Temple (Ban Pong), Inthakhil Sub-district, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Has abandoned the body But the doctrine of the Master changes Still in the hearts of the believers there are many things as follows:

Meditation : This morning meditation is better all the time. Because the food is completely digested The body is light and comfortable, we can sit with it, so we can calm our mind faster. If anyone is going to work and have dinner in the evening The person is sleepy, it is sleepy, it is heavy, the body will not progress in meditation. When we do it again, it is exhausting. Don’t be shaken by it. If we go to rely on drugs to rely on coffee like that, it’s bad Born no more It will make us sleepy, so it’s bad. Let us wake it up by remembering the jewels and our determination to do good. Is the best If it sits and is sleepy We walk, keep walking, do not sit. I’ll sit again

Love and Anger : This person still has anger because of what? Because passion is commonplace And the cause is mostly from love. We must resolve anger by omitting Any person will be happy. Lord Buddha said that Anyone can turn away from anger, that person is happy.

No secrets in the world : no evil in the open secret. I do evil in secret. Evil is the same sin. I do evil in the open. Anyone who sees it is the same sin. Do all evil A person acts either physically or verbally Think in the hearts of good people If you do evil in a secret place, it is the same sin. People who do good In secret Nobody saw it, worshiped, worshiped, prayed, kept the precepts, prospered In a place that people can’t see, in a room who doesn’t see it It is a good thing. So is evil. Goodness is the same.

Dharma uplifts the mind : People do not move. Do not enter the temple, listen to the Dharma, Chamni Not training the mind Do not sit and prosper It’s someone else’s story He will suffer in his own way if he is not at peace, he has no peace. There is no justice as a machine to be in chaos of his own. Will be in trouble on his own. That’s about him We can see We are active He beat him, beat him, kill him, persecute him, in a small house, a city, any country. That’s it, that’s it. It’s about him It is a story that does not know merit, knows sin, does not enter the temple, listen to the dharma, hibernates Not training the mind So it happened all over the world like this. We can clearly see why he is. Why is he in trouble like that? So he has a heart like that. This is how it is.

We must take it together with determination. Training our minds We have been sacrificing from our dwelling place for a few hours. But let’s do good deeds To cultivate goodness Build our minds for good To have refuge that we were on the right road.

Consciousness in life : Because each day we will encounter many events in life, whether sitting, walking or lying, all have to be conscious. If we lack consciousness in our daily life, it can cause damage or harm to our body, for example if we are walking on a certain height. But not conscious of walking, it may lead to an accident or death

In another case, the news can now travel quickly to the recipient. If the recipient is unaware of the thought and the building considers the message to be true or false. If the news is forwarded, it may damage the person mentioned. Therefore consciousness is essential in life. If there is a lack of consciousness, the mind will leak through objects immediately, therefore consciousness is important that everyone should remember. In order to live happily and benefit society.

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