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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 13 Recap

The pheasant’s neck imitates people’s voice. Out of the instinct of hunting, it uses sound to seduce prey. People dare not stay here more. They pack up and move forward. A corridor like a well road attracts everyone’s attention. Wu Xie novelly found that this is not a well road, but a snake. It seems that he had guessed about the snake mother before. Sure enough, the other snakes dare not get close to here, and everyone decided to take a break at the snake for a while.

Third uncle sat down beside Wu Xie. After thinking about it again and again, he told him that he had arranged and asked Wu Xie to take the opportunity to explore the way to the temple to find his brother and leave here. But I didn’t expect to be rejected by Wu Xie decisively. This matter is closely related to himself. How can you leave? Third uncle paused, took a sip of wine, admitted that the third video was sent to him, and learned in Zhuoma’s mouth that Chen Wenjin entrusted her to keep it 19 years ago.

Some time ago, Chen Wenjin met her and arranged to send the video. This may be the last chance to see Chen Wenjin. Wu Sansheng refused to let go and resolutely came. In the desert. However, the desert situation is complex and requires strong financial force, so Wu Sansheng asked his brother to take the video tape to find Aning as a name and involved Aning.

Wu Xie asked “it” what exactly made Chen Wenjin infinitely afraid of. Third uncle’s video was also a video of an archaeological team. There was nothing on the dark screen. Everyone shouted in horror, “It’s coming again”, and then came the familiar horn sound. Yes, it was the sound of the bronze gate of the Genting Heavenly Palace. Did the archaeological team enter the Bronze Gate?

The mop is always a thief. If you want to steal something, you can defect, but you are scared to cry with a small snake with black glasses. If such a person really encounters the neck of pheasants, he is estimated to have only one way to die.

The underground passage extended further and more, but the road ahead was blocked. Xie Yuchen guessed that it should be the collapse of the mountain caused by the earthquake. Third uncle squatted down and looked at it and decided that it was a sand layer.

So he managed to dig through and go down with Wu Xie’s black glasses. Wu Xie looked at the mud cocoon curiously and wanted to touch it. He was fiercely by the third uncle. Rebuke: That’s a dead man! Wu Xie was immediately scared and withdrew his hand. However, in addition to the dead, I also found the mark of my brother. It seems that it was not done recently. It should be before the memory loss, the three decided that there was no danger here, so they called the others to come down.

The fat man finally woke up slowly. Fortunately, he was lucky that he could pick up a life in the hands of the pheasant’s neck. In addition, he had successfully conferred with Lord Hawk, and his heart was full of confidence. Wu Xie thought that the fat man continued to move forward, and the dead branches and vines blocked the way.

Third uncle ordered him to clean it up as soon as possible and not to affect the itinerary, but he just started. , a large group of pheasants swam over with their necks. Everyone could not dodge and fled everywhere. When Wu Xie was hiding, he unexpectedly met his brother.

The brother took him to meet a woman – Chen Wenjin! Wu Xie was surprised by her identity, and even more surprised by Chen Wenjin’s unchanged face for a long time. Only then did he know that the clay figurine was her, and he pretended to be the daughter-in-law when he was at the house of Zhuoma.

Wu Xie asked why Chen Wenjin was not old. Instead, she took out the photo of the archaeological team and told Wu Xie that the third uncle in the photo was not the third uncle, but Xie Lianlian. When he was under the sea of Xisha, people were transferred. At the beginning, Jie Lian left a final pen: Wu Sansheng hurt me! The sign is to solve the chain, but everyone ignores a problem.

Rubbing is reverse, so the meaning of this sentence is completely opposite. What’s more strange is that a week after fainting, the archaeological team found that they were in the nursing home and were monitored. It was a force other than understanding the serial and Judekao, and everyone became ageless. However, in the end, she will become a living dead person. Huo Ling is an example, and now she is fast.

Wu Sansheng lay on the ground and comforted Wu Xie that he was fine. But after seeing Chen Wenjin, what seemed to have collapsed in his heart. Wu Xie knew everything. Third uncle looked at this nephew who had been a baby since childhood with tears and whispered to Chen Wenjin: In fact, the real Wu Sansheng is not dead!

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