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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 14 Recap

After Chen Wenjin revealed the identity of Jie Lian, everyone present was very shocked, especially Xie Yuchen. It turned out that this was his real uncle, Wu Sansheng. At this time, it should be called Jie Lian. Xie Jia has always been fully prepared for things, but Xie Lian died in such a hurry. Why did he return to the Wu family with the identity of Wu Sansheng after returning?

It must be that the archaeological team needs the identity of a transparent person to complete something. Jielian Wu San Province is related by blood and looks similar. That’s why Wu Sansheng fake death and Jielian top bag. Over the years, the real Wu San Province has been secretly guiding Wu Xie to the Qixing Luwang Palace, Xisha Sea, Yundingtian. Gong, Wu Xie is the person to be cultivated by Jiumen, and the biggest backhand of Jiumen.

Chen Wenjin said that the video was not sent to Wu Xie, but to Judekao, but in the end, he actually went to Wu Xie, which must be “it”. Because of the existence of “it”, the archaeological team took a video in the nursing home and left a video, but the video finally came to Wu Xie’s hands. It seems that “it” also chose Wu Xie, and Wu Xie was the one who finally solved all the secrets.

During the years in the nursing home, the archaeological team began to sort out the information of the seabed of Xisha, but slowly, they found that they didn’t seem to age, but the problem soon came. Huo Ling first had an accident. She became a living dead person. Her end was everyone’s end, and the solution was behind the bronze gate. .

Everyone was not idle outside. They found a basement. The little brother went down to investigate. After sending out the signal, the fat man Wu Xiejian on it went down to find out one after another. The mopper also came back to tell Chen Wenjin and the three of them that they had found Shimen. Xie Yuchen decided to leave the Xie Lian to take care of the injured, saying that his father and uncle were dead.

After the past of his struggle to shoulder a heavy burden, he always had an air in his heart. This so-called uncle, watching him go through all the hardships of a young man without revealing any secrets, which can be said to be cold.

Black glasses mentioned something: corpse turtle pills, the legendary immortal medicine of the Chinese and Western Queen Mother, what does it have to do with Chen Wenjin?
Wu Xie and his brigade finally came to the real Western Queen Mother’s Palace.

A large number of terracotta figurines guarded this woman who had also called for wind and rain thousands of years ago. Wu Xie remembered what my brother had told me that the terracotta figurines should not be touched, otherwise something would happen. Chen Wenjin was surprised to find the alchemy furnace of the Western Queen Mother. It can be seen that the mop opened by the money picked up the elixir on it.

Because the distribution of the elixir was regular, it touched the mechanism and the way was blocked. Not only that, the terracotta figurines also seemed to have survived. Holding a long sword and began to fight against these people. Everyone rose up to resist, but Yu The terracotta figurines couldn’t be cut to death at all.

Just when everyone was almost desperate, the fat man tried his best to blow the door open with a detonator, but the bronze door was really strong and motionless. On the contrary, it shocked the hanging red furnace and broke a passageway. As soon as they went, they saw the mark left by the little brother many years ago, but the little brother has lost his previous memory. Can you still remember what the mark means?

Xie Yuchen and black glasses waited left and right, but finally couldn’t sit still. They told a hired worker to look after Xie Lian, and then prepared to find Wu Xie and then strayed into the biological laboratory of the Queen Mother of the West to explore immortality.

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