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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 22 Recap

Linwo crossed the street and called and was almost hit. Fortunately, she was caught by a man. Gao Shan received the voice from Su Yuan and learned that Sun Li suddenly sent him to Shanghai on a business trip, reminding him to be careful, Gao Gao asked Feng Xin to help proofread the data of Yijia, but Feng Xin refused, Du Fei came to warn Gao Shan not to He stretched his hands too long, especially for first-level businesses like Dalong.

Gao Shan suppressed his arrogance as the vice president and asked him to print the information. Gao Shan asked Sun Li to discuss the employment of employees, but Sun Li didn’t. In his eyes, he refused to let him participate in the Yijia project, and only handed over some small investment projects to him.

Gao Gao learned from his colleagues that the employees were afraid of Sun Li and did not dare to offend him, so they kept their distance from Gao Gao. Su Yuan also learned that Gao was pressed by Sun Li and could only handle some small projects. Gao Shan fights the injustice. Gao Shan said that he can’t do anything at present. He can only endure, find the right time, and then make an accurate attack. The first is to give Wan Jia a chance, and the second is to teach Sun Li. Su Yuan heard Gaoshan coughing and knew he was sick. In order to ease the conflict between him and Lin Wo, he told Wu Dongna about Gaoshan’s illness, and wanted to take this opportunity to bring the two together.

Lin Wo discussed the issue of entrepreneurship with Senior Brother. Senior Brother asked Lin Wo to focus on performance, but Lin Wo focused on assessment. At this time, the man who crossed the road to rescue Lin Wo appeared in front of Lin Wo during the day. Knowing that Lin Wo was a headhunter, he said that he had just returned to China and was afraid of being deceived. He wanted Lin Wo to help him find a job. Lin Wo agreed. The two added WeChat and Lin Wo knew that the man was Bei Xiaorong.

Wu Dongna deliberately called Su Yuan in front of Lin Wo to talk about Gao Shan’s illness. Lin Wo exposed her purpose. Wu Dongna said Gao Shan was very pitiful and wanted Lin Wo to take care of Gao Shan. Lin Wo seemed to be unwilling to Gao Shan. She ignored it, but as an excuse to go downstairs to buy things, she knocked on the door of Gao Shan’s house. After Gao Shan opened the door, she fainted on Lin Wo. Lin Wo rushed to the hospital in fright.

The next day, Gao Shan gave the selected projects to Sun Li. Sun Li pretended to praise Gao Gao. Gao Shan asked when he could take over the project that was running. Sun Li said he was not in a hurry and asked him to contact the people on the screening project one by one. Accepted, Sun Li felt that it was inconvenient for Gao Shan to receive people in the Deputy General Office of the Investment Department. He asked the internal staff to add an office to Gao Shan. It was on the first floor. Gao Shan wanted to gamble with Sun Li. As long as he completed the task, let him He joined the Dalong listed project, and Sun Li agreed.

Gao Shan told Su Yuan about his bet with Sun Li. Du Fei also discussed the bet with Sun Li. Sun Li firmly believed that Gao Shan would lose. Even if Gao Shan wins, he would make Gao Shan fall miserably.

Gao Shan and Su Yuan received strange characters on the first floor, making Gao Shan and Su Yuan exhausted physically and mentally. Feng Xin offended Du Fei on the Yijia project, Du Fei suppressed him everywhere, and Feng Xin was in Sun Li. That group really couldn’t stay, so he could only apply with Gao Shan. When he wanted to transfer to the Gao Shan group, Gao Shan agreed to his application.

Bei Xiaorong asked if Lin Wo had a job. Lin Wo asked Bei Xiaorong to wait for a few days. She had already contacted him with work. Bei Xiaorong said that she had no money and no place to live, and wanted to stay with Lin Wo. After staying for a few days, Deng Li suspected that Lin Wo had gotten a rogue.

Lin Wo answered the phone call from Sun Miao. Sun Miao asked Lin Wo to help take care of the child. Lin Wo agreed, but she could not take care of the child, nor did Deng Li. Bei Xiaorong said he could help take care of him. Sun Miao waited until Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong, after entrusting Xiaobao to Lin Wo, he hurried to the skyscraper. Lin Wo wouldn’t coax Xiaobao, but Bei Xiaorong made him laugh easily.

Sun Miao came back after finishing the work. Lin Wo saw that she was very disappointed, so he asked her why. Sun Miao told Lin Wo that he was divorced. This time he came back to sign an agreement, because Skyscraper’s tasks are heavy and there is no time to take care of the family. The accumulated problems.

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