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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 23 Recap

Sun Miao learned that Lin Wo was busy with starting a business recently and lacked partners. To thank Lin Wo for her help, she planned to help Lin Wo find a reliable partner. Lin Wo felt that the Bei Xiaorong in front of her was very similar to a person she knew before. That person was Simon, who often hid in the cabinet to play Rubik’s Cube, but in fact, Bei Xiaorong was indeed the person she knew, Bei Xiao Rong is also happy that Lin Wo can remember him.

When Lin Wo graduated from high school as a volunteer, he met Simon, an overseas Chinese named Bei Xiaorong. Bei Xiaorong’s parents died in a car accident six months ago. He was alone. After surviving, he has become reluctant to communicate with people since then. It was Lin Wo’s enlightenment that made him open up.

Su Yuan wanted to see Wu Dongna, so he went home with Gao Shan. Gao Shan and Su Yuan knocked on the door of Lin Wo’s house, but saw the strange Bei Xiaorong. Seeing two strange men knocking on the door, Bei Xiaorong closed the door. Su Yuan and Gao Shan were surprised. In order to find out who the other party was, they continued to knock on the door. Lin Wo opened the door and accused Gao Shan and Su Yuan of disturbing the people, but they were very curious about who the strange man was. Wu Dongna asked Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong about the identity Lin Wo explained that she had come into contact with some children with autism. Bei Xiaorong was one of them. Wu Dongna guessed that Bei Xiaorong came back for Lin Wo.

Bei Xiaorong asked who the person outside the door was. Wu Dongna said that the tall one was Lin Wo’s ex-boyfriend, and the short one was chasing her. On the other hand, Su Yuan was afraid that Bei Xiaorong would snatch Wu Dongna from him. Wu Dongna told Gao Shan that Bei Xiaorong was One of the children with autism that Lin Wo had previously helped live in Lin Wo’s house without a place to live. Gao Shan felt relieved after learning about it, and Su Yuan sighed with relief.

The next day, while receiving people, Su Yuan persuaded Gao Shan not to put Lin Wo too loose. After Bei Xiaorong really had something to do with Lin Wo, Gao Shan was late. Gao Shan said that he had no idea. Su Yuan suggested that he pretend to be weak again, using fever as an excuse to trick Lin Wo to take care of him. In order to convince Lin Wo that Gao Shan was really sick, Su Yuan took a photo of Gao Shan pretending to be sick. , Sent to Linwo.

Lin Wo received the photo and hurried to Skyscraper. According to Su Yuan’s suggestion, Gao Gao began to pretend to be weak and deceive Lin Wo’s sympathy. Su Yuan lied that his father was sick and entrusted the mountain to Lin Wo to take care of him. Bei Xiaorong prepared a table of food and waited for Lin Wo to return home, but Lin Wo did not return, so he sent a message to Lin Wo. At this time, Lin Wo fell asleep on the mountain, and the mountain was awakened by the bell. When I took Lin Wo’s cell phone, I saw a message from Bei Xiaorong. In order to make Bei Xiaorong give up, he took a photo of Lin Wo sleeping next to him and sent it to Moments. Bei Xiaorong saw the photos in Moments. Is sad.

Sun Miao’s forehead was injured. Lin Wo asked her what happened. Sun Miao said that after signing the divorce agreement, her ex-husband was very emotional and gave her a push and broke her head. Next, she planned to resign and do Lin Wo’s partner, Lin Wo agreed. Wu Dongna opened the refrigerator and found that Lin Wo liked all the food, so she wanted to help Lin Wo test Bei Xiaorong. She seduce Bei Xiaorong with beauty, but Bei Xiaorong was not interested in her.

In order to prevent Lin Wo from being alone with Bei Xiaorong, Gao Shan ran to Lin Wo’s house after get off work. Wu Dongna was in a bad mood and asked Su Yuan to accompany her to drink. Gao Shan did not let Bei Xiaorong come into contact with Lin Wo, so he followed to drink. At the dinner table, Gao Shan and Bei Xiaorong were rushing to pick up vegetables for Lin Wo. Wu Dongna felt a little uncomfortable. At this time, Lin Wo told everyone that Sun Miao was her partner. Gao Shan felt that Sun Miao was very capable, and Bei Xiaorong heard When Linwo wanted to start a company, he immediately stated that he also wanted to work at Linwo.

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