I got a job, but I’m a Dark Guild


[Job advertisement]
Task: Dedicated maid
salary: 100 gold per week in the form of weekly wage.
Welfare: Providing meals, being able to receive money from acquaintances, being able to punish people who don’t like, being able to keep them from being dangerous on the way home from work, being a very handsome man who will be served by the owner, etc.
We are urgently looking for people to work in a family-like atmosphere. The sooner you go to work, the better. Weekly wages are unconditionally paid in advance. Only advance payment is possible.
For inquiries, please contact Folkria Employment Agency.
However, if you get paid and run away, you have to ask 100 times.

“It’s an honor to meet you! This is Xenia, a talented person who is always ready!”
“Oh, Mr. Xenia. You don’t need to be polite. Haha, because we pursue a family-like atmosphere.”

A thick male voice rang in my ears.

“Please look up, greetings like this are okay.”

As if proving that the word family-like atmosphere was not false, the man raised me up, kindly, bowing my head, saying that he was really okay.

The moment I looked up straight with the thought that I was a good person for some reason, the moment I encountered a person in charge of a 100 gold weekly job… … !


The interview smile I was struggling with was broken.

Someone called this person… … .
He is a muscular uncle with tattoos all over his body.

I… … Is it possible to be caught in a shrimp fishing boat?

I got a job, but I’m a dark guild
Associated Names: 취업했는데, 암흑 길드입니다
burn meat
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: 108

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