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Please Be Patient, Grand Duke


She was a replica of the son, the minor Marquis Kieran (키에런) Vale.

Marchioness of Vale’s (베일) failure, a vagrant from the Louvre (루버) district.It was all she was. No, she was now referred as “he”.At least until she met Claude Del Ihar (클로드 델 이하르를 ).

***Claude stared silently at the sleeping Canillian (카닐리언을).Gold eyelashes like hair create a soft shadow on a white face. No matter how much she hate outdoor activities, it is too white and thin. The signs of puberty did not seem to emerge on the neck, and above all, he smelled qualitatively different from the smell of men’s sweat.Is it the scent of lavender blooming all over the Marquis’ work or is it the scent of poppies blooming in the river?

The soft cheeks that touched the tip of his nose, bowing his head as if savoring the scent more. The fine breath of Canillian tickles his temple.As a result, his pulse started to jump quickly. Claude leaned even more like he was possessed by something.He want to enjoy it more. No, he really wanted to taste it. He was curious as to what taste would taste when he put my tongue on this skin.‘You must be really crazy… . Or, whether you’re going crazy.’ he thought.Claude, sighing as if self-help, bowed his upper body and picked up the cuffs in a confused mind.

The delicately cut emerald sparkle reminded me of the color of Canillian’a eyes.In the meantime, Canillian’s head tilted to the other side and bent down. Claude, holding his upper body down and holding the cuffs, turned his head and looked up at Canillian.The heat started from the palms, back, and scalp, and body was sweating. He was captivated by Leon/Lian’s smooth lips as if he had put on honey.It may be because of the heat. It was evident that the hot air that filled the car made him crazy.If not, by no means…he wouldn’t have thought of wanting to kiss this guy.

Please Be Patient, Grand Duke
Associated Names: 참아주세요, 대공
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Josei, Mature, Romance, Shoujo
Year: 2020
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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