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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 24 Recap

After the dinner, Wu Dongna was drunk and in a daze. She asked Su Yuan if she had lost her charm recently. Su Yuan said that she did not. But Wu Dongna was very curious about her discharging Bei Xiaorong, but he had a little reaction. No, Wu Dongna agreed to become Su Yuan’s girlfriend and asked Su Yuan to take her to sing. Su Yuan was very happy.

Gao Shan continued to pretend to be sick, but Lin Wo exposed his lie. Bei Xiaorong was secretly happy. Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong took a taxi home, leaving Gaoshan alone. Gao Shan recalled how Bei Xiaorong had pleased Lin Wo, angry Because he couldn’t sleep, he worried about what would happen if Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong were alone in the same room, so he hurried downstairs to find Lin Wo.

Gao Shan came to Lin Wo’s house and saw that she was repairing the lights, so he was relieved. Bei Xiaorong said that he would protect Lin Wo well. Gao Shan was very upset, so he repeatedly found excuses to investigate Lin Wo’s house. The clinical thermometer, I wanted to borrow the thermometer, and later came to borrow instant noodles. Bei Xiaorong felt that the mountain was troublesome, so he simply put all the things needed by the mountain into the box and gave it to Gaoshan at once.

Lin Wo put the brand of Baibo talents at the door of the new company, and wanted to develop the company together with Sun Miao and Deng Li, and share weal and woe together. In the evening, Sun Miao asked Mr. Zhang, who was about to buy shares, to talk about the contract, and called Lin Wo together, and Lin Wo agreed.

As soon as Baibo talents opened, guests came to the door. The guest Tang Xiaoyun is the owner of Yunshi. He wanted Lin Wo to help recruit artists and help with the aesthetic design of fitness software. Lin Wo listened to his introduction and suggested that he go and form a team. For operation and promotion, there is someone who can help him provide such a platform.

Su Yuan has been immersed in his love affair with Wu Dongna, but Gao Shan persuaded him to think more about the project. At present, it is difficult to find reliable projects on the market. Gao Shan feels that Lin Wo has been very wrong lately, and he feels away from him. It’s hot, and it feels like he’s about to leave at any time. Su Yuan speculated that it was because of Bei Xiaorong’s arrival to remind Gao Shan to pay attention not to let Lin Wo change his mind.

At this time, Lin Wo came to Skyscraper and introduced Tang Xiaoyun to Gao Shan and Su Yuan. Gao Gao read the information Lin Wo gave and hugged Lin Wo, saying that Lin Wo had helped him and was his savior. Gao Gao asked Tang Xiaoyun to be his savior. Tang Xiaoyun was very pleased with the project plan. Gao Shan wanted to treat him to thank Lin Wo, but Lin Wo was still angry with the mountain and did not agree. At this time, Bei Xiaorong came to look for Lin Wo on a bicycle. Gao Shan was worried that Bei Xiaorong would really snatch Lin Wo.

In order to get Sun Li to agree to Yunshi’s case, Gaoshan racked his brains. He felt that the employees had fitness habits and could make a plan to ask Su Yuan to help him during morning exercises. Su Yuan agreed. Su Yuan’s mother called Su Yuan to go home, but Su Yuan did not want to go home, and was later tied home by his father Su Peicheng. Su Peicheng investigated and found that Su Yuan was chasing Wu Dongna recently. Knowing that Wu Dongna’s family background is not good, she found Su Yuan again He asked Su Yuan to go on a blind date with a girl, Su Yuan refused, and Su Peicheng shut him in at home.

Sun Miao told Gao Shan that Lin Wo drank too much and asked Gao Gao to see Lin Wo. Gao Shan opened the door and found Lin Wo sitting at the door. The drunk Lin Wo did not recognize that the person in front of him was Gao Gao, but Gao Shan could feel the forest. Wo still likes him. Gao Shan helped Lin Wo go home and took the opportunity to ask Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong about the relationship. Lin Wo frankly said that Bei Xiaorong is a younger brother. The reason for not accepting Gao Shan is to let Gao Shan know that she is not so easy to chase. Yes, Gao Shan tricked Lin Wo and kissed him. Lin Wo woke up slowly, Gao Shanna told her that he was forced to kiss, Lin Wo was shocked.

Wu Dongna was very happy to see Su Yuan anger her blind date and applauded him. Lin Wo asked how the Gaoshan Yunshi case was progressing. Gaoshan felt that if the Yunshi case passed, he hoped that Linwo would date him, but Linwo did not answer him directly. When Bei Xiaorong returned home, he saw Linwo and Gaoshan happily leave , Very lonely.

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