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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 25 Recap

Gaoshan showed the plan of the Yunshi project to Sun Li, but Sun Li refused to accept it. Gaoshan said that the fitness software in the project book has great development prospects. This fitness dating software has very good feedback after being tried in the gym. Du Fei was the number one company employee in the trial, and Du Fei was very satisfied with the software. Du Fei wanted to argue at this time, but Sun Li drove Du Fei out. In this way, Gao Shan convinced Sun Li. He said Will consider investing in Yunshi, and Gao Shan also naturally joined the Dalong project.

Gao Shan returned to the office. Du Fei felt that Gao Shan had deliberately dug a hole to instigate the relationship between him and Sun Li. Gao Shan felt that as long as he planted the seeds of suspiciousness in Sun Li’s heart, he could abandon him.

Mr. Luo went to Gao Shan to talk about the luck project. Lin Wo told Wu Dongna that he thought Su Yuan cared about her, but Wu Dongna didn’t care what Su Peicheng did. Anyway, the love with Su Yuan was only temporary. When Bei Xiaorong gave Lin Wo food, When asked if Lin Wo had forgotten anything, Lin Wo remembered that she forgot to go to the beach with Bei Xiaorong to see the stars.

Du Fei confessed his mistake with Sun Li. Sun Li knew that Gao Shan deliberately got in the way, and wanted to destroy his relationship with Du Fei, so he forgave Du Fei. Sun Miao took Xiaobao to the company and saw the pennant sent by Tang Xiaoyun. Sun Miao wanted to see the investor and asked Lin Wo to take care of Xiaobao. Lin Wo agreed.

Su Peicheng asked Su Yuan to apologize to Feng Yuan, Su Yuan did not go, Su Peicheng asked Su Yuan to cut off from Wu Dongna, Su Yuan quarreled with Su Peicheng, Su Peicheng wanted to stop Su Yuan’s card, Su Yuan turned away angrily Home.

Bei Xiaorong prepared a candlelight dinner, but Linwo was delayed in returning home, so he went to find Linwo. On the other hand, Linwo leaned on Gaoshan’s shoulder and fell asleep. Gaoshan kissed Linwo. He was just arrived at the company. Bei Xiaorong saw it.

Lin Wo went home and Bei Xiaorong sent Lin Wo a box full of letters. He grabbed Lin Wo and wanted to kiss her forcefully. Lin Wo lied that Xiaobao had something to do and ran out of the house. She did not ask Gaoshan for help, but was in the car. I slept in one night. When Wu Dongna went home, she woke up Lin Wo who was sleeping in the car. Wu Dongna guessed that Bei Xiaorong must have done something to Lin Wo. That made Lin Wo be like this, so she went home angrily. Bei Xiaorong settled the accounts, but when he returned home, he found that Bei Xiaorong had moved away. Lin Wo saw that he had left a sorry note.

At the Ferris Annual Meeting, Su Yuan invited Wu Dongna over to give Wu Dongna a surprise. He rehearsed the scene of her confession with Gao Shan in advance. Gao Gao also invited Lin Wo to attend the annual meeting. Su Yuan learned from Lin Wo that Wu Dongna was working overtime and could not attend the annual meeting. , Call her immediately.

The dance party is about to begin, and Gao Gao invited Lin Wo to dance the first dance. At this time, Wu Dongna received a call from her mother and was very angry when she learned that Wu Nan asked her mother to ask her for money. At this time, Wu Dongna found that the power was out, and she went along. On the candles on the ground, Wu Dongna was very moved when she saw Su Yuan holding the flowers.

Bell…, the zero o’clock bell rang, Gao Shan kissed Lin Wo in front of everyone. Wu Dongna left work and Su Yuan to have a barbecue. Gao Gao took Lin Wo and ran outside. The two watched the beautiful fireworks together. It was very romantic. Lin Wo said that Gao Shan passed the test and can be turned right. Gao Gao was very happy and thought Hold Linwo’s hand tightly and stop letting her slip away.

The two spent the night together. The next morning, Lin Wo woke up and looked at the mountain lying next to him. He couldn’t help reaching out and touching his nose. At this time, Lin Wo woke up the mountain, Lin Wo continued to pretend to sleep again. I feel that since I have Lin Wo, I have changed a lot.

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