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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 41 Recap

Li Chuyao came to the door of the company. A man accidentally slammed her bag on the ground. He quickly apologized to her. At this moment, Qi Yi appeared loudly reprimanding the man for walking without eyes. The man squatted down and pretended to tie his shoes. Taking advantage of Chuyao’s carelessness, she secretly stuffed her phone into her bag, then picked it up and returned it to Chuyao. Chu Yao wondered why Qi Yi was here, Qi Yi said she came here to do something.

At this time, Longtian’s board of directors was overcast. Some directors said that Mr. Shan took the materials today to discuss cooperation with others, but yesterday others took the same materials. What is going on. Shan Yian asked the directors to give him some time and he would definitely investigate. At this time, the directors received a text message on their mobile phones, and they said there was no need to investigate.

Shan Yian called Chu Yao to the conference room, and a director asked her to explain what was wrong with the phone recording. As soon as Chu Yao heard that this was not the content of the meeting that day, she saw that the directors suspected that she had leaked the secret and explained that she would not betray Longtian.

At this time, someone came by and said that a mobile phone had been found in Chuyao’s bag. The directors saw that the evidence was conclusive. Shan Yian felt that there must be a misunderstanding. Chuyao couldn’t help but remember that Qin Yun sneaked out of her office that day. Shan Yian asked her to explain to everyone. Chuyao didn’t want to burn the fire to Qin Yun, so she told everyone that she was nothing. It is easy to explain, if they think she is her, Shan Yi’an pleaded for her, but the directors told her to resign.

Shan Yian knew that Chuyao was framed. He wondered why she took the responsibility to herself. He felt that she seemed to be protecting someone, but Chuyao refused to say anything. Shan Yian called and told Luo Shu about this. Luo Shu was surprised when he heard it. He felt that it was impossible for Chu Yao to do such a thing. After Chuyao packed up and walked out of the office, Qin Yun looked at her back and felt very complicated.

Chuyao walked out of Longtian, but saw Luo Shu waiting for her outside. He came to take her home, and Chuyao couldn’t help but sweep away his sorrows, with a happy smile on his face. Knowing that Chuyao was kicked out of Longtian, Han Zimo was very happy to toast to Qi Yi to celebrate. Qi Yi said that, as he expected, Chuyao took all the responsibilities. Zimo said that she was like this and regarded herself as the savior. It is a pity No one in this industry uses her anymore. But Qi Yi felt that Zimo didn’t look excited. Zimo approached her and asked if she was in love with him. Qi Yi didn’t say a word, and Zimo let her go back.

That day, Qin Yun asked Chuyao to apologize to her, saying that Zimo lied to him to give her the phone, so he put the phone in her bag, and then he found that the phone was recording and deleted the recording. He didn’t expect it to be like this in the end. . Chu Yao said she did doubt him, Qin Yun said why she didn’t ask to investigate him, and Chu Yao said how she would explain to Lin Yu in doing so, the only thing she could do was not pursue him. Qin Yun assured her that he would not interact with Zimo in the future and would not be used by him.

In the evening Chuyao and Luo Shu were chatting in the living room, Luo Shu also guessed that Qin Yun did it, and only him could be used by Zimo, but it would be a good thing if he could draw a line with Zimo through this matter. Luo Shu asked Chu Yao to come to Chu Xin to work, and Chu Yao hesitated. Luo Shu knew that she was afraid that Zimo would trouble him. He told Chu Yao that even if she did not come to Zimo, she would not let Chu Yao go. She was within his sight. He can still protect her. Seeing that she was still struggling, he said directly that he needed her. Chuyao smiled and agreed. The two of them held hands together and felt very sweet.

Han Zimo went to Wu Yajun and told him K’s information and whereabouts, but Zimo decided that it would be safer for him to see K himself. In Chuxin Luoshu, they participated in the crossword contest on the computer, and Li Chuyao was watching the battle. Seeing that they were embarrassed, she analyzed that the last word was Lie, which didn’t look like a crossword puzzle. Luo Shu said that this should be a hidden Sudoku.

Everyone gathered around to see how he cracked it. Luo Shu filled in a few numbers in the black area, and the result showed that the crossword puzzle was successful. Chang Dale happily said that Luo Shu was great. He felt that the combination of numbers was a coordinate, so he quickly found a place on his phone and then Show it to Luo Shu.

Then Luo Shu and Chu Yao came to a bookstore and saw someone reading intently, so they walked to him and asked him if he was Mr. K. This person is K. He asked Luo Shu if they won the crossword contest. Luo Shu nodded and explained his intention. He wanted to ask K to be their security consultant. In fact, K received their email before and thought they had a good idea, but he said that Vena was a step late. One hour before they came, someone had already paid a high price for the security system that their company was about to launch. Conditions The only thing is that he can no longer sell to Chu Xin, and Chu Yao and Luo Shu are very disappointed.

But Luo Shu did not give up. Then he went to K. K agreed to be a security consultant for Chuxin for one year. He asked Luo Shu to thank someone that was Chuyao. He said that Chuyao had asked him to tell him many stories about Luo Shu. , He could see that she loved him very much, he was talking about Chuyao running over, she was surprised to see Luo Shu here, Luo Shu smiled and told her that it was done.

Then Shan Yian went to Chuyao to talk about her being framed. He checked the video that day through the security department and found that Qin Yun had put the phone in her bag, and then he took the phone again. Chu Yao thanked him for saying that everything was over. Shan Yian realized that Chu Yao knew that it was Qin Yun from the beginning, so she was helping him with the crime. Chu Yao said that Qin Yun was also used by others, and she didn’t know the phone was still there. For the recording, she asked Mr. Shan to agree to keep Qin Yun in the company. If she always saw that she didn’t want to return to Longtian, he said that she was at ease at the beginning.

Qi Yi told Zimo that he agreed to be the original security consultant, and Zimo was very annoyed that even if Luoshu had won this time. He asked Qin Yun to ask him to give him all the information about his original intention in Longtian. Qin Yun refused to say that he could not betray his friends. Zimo said he had betrayed his friends. If Lin Yu knew what would happen, Qin Yun would not allow him to tell. Lin Yu, Zimo let him do this. Unexpectedly, Lin Yu heard their conversation. She wanted to ask Qin Yun directly but did not hold back. Then she saw Chuyao asking her if it was true, but Chuyao didn’t know how to answer.

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