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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 1 Recap

The Donghai Chemical Plant project has not started. Ma Baoping said that the expert group hoped that they would wait until Song Yunhui was in place. But everyone can’t wait, especially Han Zegang, a technical cadre, for fear that the project will be delayed. Song Yunhui is on the train from Jinzhou to Beijing. After arriving in Beijing, Li Si broke the case for Song Yunhui and asked Director Su to take Song Yunhui to report directly.

When Ma Baoping was not there, Liu Yuhai, the chief financial officer, was very happy to see Song Yunhui. They hoped for the stars and the moon and finally looked forward to him. Director Su handed him over to Liu Yuhai. Song Yunhui just found a desk and sat down with Ma Baoping and returned. He complained that instead of waiting for Song Yunhui to come, he waited for a red-headed document. Liu Yuhai quickly reminded him that he had come.

Han Zegang is quite angry with Song Yunhui. Now that the documents are down, the project may not be able to continue. If Song Yunhui could come a little earlier, the project would be finished! Song Yunhui was very calm and asked Ma Baoping about the specific situation. The country wanted to reduce infrastructure construction. Their previous plan could not go on. It was indeed because Song Yunhui delayed the best time for approval. Song Yunhui nodded. He can make a new plan, but he needs a lot of information. He is confident that he can come up with the best idea in the shortest time.

Song Yunhui buried himself in the information, and Ma Baoping and Han Zegang looked at him with a little suspicion. Song Yunhui said that he could have a meeting tomorrow to study the plan. The idea of ​​the last plan was no problem. Han Zegang said that the leaders did not want to see a plan exactly like the last one after waiting for so long. Song Yunhui firmly stated that his design direction is not. Wrong, just need to optimize the design in his scheme.

When Lei Dongbao came back from the city, he saw that Lei Mu had bought a lot of things. He said that the store’s prices were going crazy and that the country would not care about it in the future, and he planned to go to the city for big purchases tomorrow. Xiao Lei’s family went to an electrolytic copper plant in the village, and Lei Dongbao was gradually moved. He took the project plan to find Leishigen. Leishigen was really a headache.

The village had just paid off the loan and it would cost several million. The loan is too impatient. Lei Shigen sighed. He had called Song Yunhui a long time ago because of this incident. Song Yunhui recommended him an expert in Shanghai, saying that if he really wants to participate in this project, it is best to ask an expert to conduct a field assessment. Lei Dongbao breathed a sigh of relief and planned to go back and invite the expert himself.

Ma Baoping, Liu Yuhai, Han Zegang, and Gao Xiangrong ate mutton-boiled mutton, and talked about Song Yunhui. Han Zegang felt that Song Yunhui was too arrogant, and Liu Yuhai said that he had already made an appointment to see Director Yin. Song Yunhui’s plan has been handed over for more than two months, and it hasn’t happened until now. Others have been behind the scenes. Ma Baoping said that there should be no chaos inside the Donghai project, and it’s not good to talk about leadership behind the scenes.

Liu Yuhai picked up the cup and said that he would take this meal to say goodbye to everyone. He heard some rumors and said that a friend of the Planning Department revealed to him that their project was basically a foregone conclusion. Ma Baoping presides over the overall situation. Everything is possible before the official results are announced above. But there are not many positions left in the system, and everyone is considering it for the future. As soon as Han Zegang got angry and threw his chopsticks, he complained about Song Yunhui even more.

As soon as Song Yunhui came back, he saw Ma Baoping and Liu Yuhai talking in a low-pressure manner. Song Yunhui also got wind from Director Yin, but he did not understand that Binhai’s project was not as advanced as them, and why it was not as advanced as them. Liu Yuhai persuaded Song Yunhui to find a relationship before the project was killed. He was willing to suffer hardships and was smart. Everyone saw him. Ma Baoping has also heard the news a long time ago.

He has maintained the project team to this situation very well. Song Yunhui wants to see Director Lu to fight for Donghai again. Ma Baoping expressed understanding, but Director Lu wanted to see him, it was their turn after New Year’s Day. Song Yunhui hoped that Ma Baoping would let him see Director Lu no matter what, he would have the confidence to persuade the other party that they were not related and retreated like others, and they would not be able to go back.

Ma Baoping stayed outside the office of Director Lu for a day, and was finally told that Director Lu had gone to a meeting. Liu Yuhai’s transfer application was approved, and he left the project team in an instant. Ma Baoping sighed and persuaded Song Yunhui to find a way out. The Donghai project was finished. Director Min received a call from Song Yunhui, saying that he wanted to find Director Li to help introduce Director Lu, who was also his elder brother. If the Donghai project cannot be approved, Song Yunhui will return to Jinzhou. Although Director Min was looking forward to his return, he still agreed to help him meet with Director Li.

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