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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 2 Recap

Song Yunhui met Director Li as he wished. Director Li said that if he came to him for the East China Sea project two months ago, he might still help a little bit, but Song Yunhui just hopes to introduce Director Lu. In a sense, he failed. It also represents the failure of Golden State. Director Li sighed. Song Yunhui is just the deputy director of the East China Sea Project. What do other people think of him when he is so strong? Song Yunhui also said frankly that he could go back and forth, but he didn’t want to embarrass Director Min.

Director Li took Song Yunhui to see Director Lu and left. Song Yunhui talked to him about the advantages of the East China Sea project as soon as he came up. Director Lu simply stated that the state restricts investment and the large output of Bincheng can offset all the advantages of the East China Sea. . Song Yunhui said that he could come up with a new plan, but the output still couldn’t reach the size of Bincheng, so Director Lu decisively refused.

Song Yunhui did not give up and took some information to persuade Director Lu to change his mind. Director Lu asked Song Yunhui to give these materials to Bincheng and let them optimize the plan. He didn’t mean to embarrass Song Yunhui, but only cared about the output. Song Yunhui was in a hurry, and Director Lu wanted to transfer him to Bincheng, but he misunderstood his meaning, thinking that he was thinking about his future. Song Yunhui did not persuade Director Lu, but in the end he offended him.

Ma Baoping, Song Yunhui late into the night, learned the news and comforted him and said, you did your best. Song Yunhui had to call Old Xu and said that he would ask him for advice. The ministry asked Donghai to vacate the office. Song Yunhui said that a written notice was needed to vacate the office. The Donghai project team still existed without receiving a formal notice from above! Song Yunhui had the same attitude as Ma Baoping, and Han Zegang sighed. They were bloody. What good would it be to offend Director Lu. Song Yunhui said that the East China Sea project may not be finished.

He is sure that he will adjust the plan within a few days, bypassing the ministry and submitting a separate application for approval, and Director Lu will not be able to control them. Han Zegang is very worried that this is done by the whole system, and even if the approval is successful, he can’t stand. Song Yunhui didn’t force everyone to take risks with him, but Ma Baoping offered to join in. Song Yunhui could leave a great future and work hard for the East China Sea. What is he afraid of? Han Zegang also silently said dry, who is not bloody yet!

After the East China Sea project team was busy, the department suddenly notified all of the meeting. Everyone felt that Liu Yuhai and Gao Xiangrong had been transferred back. The project must have been approved and I plan to celebrate in a while. Director Zhou and Director Lu told them that Donghai was listed as a key chemical project and it was officially launched today. Ma Baoping served as the secretary of the party committee of the factory director, and Liu Yuhai, Han Zegang, Gao Xiangrong, and Song Yunhui served as deputy factory directors, respectively, responsible for technical and financial issues.

Director Lu’s expression was not very good, and then he announced that Song Yunhui would be responsible for the wasteland reclamation on the peninsula first, and the others would stay in Beijing to connect with the design unit, and formally start work after the new year. Han Zegang said that Song Yunhui made the plan and it is more appropriate for him to stay in Beijing. However, the suggestion was rejected by Director Zhou.

Song Yunhui expressed his willingness to obey the arrangement, and Director Lu told him to pack his luggage now, and then he would have to negotiate with foreign businessmen, so he did not need to participate. Song Yunhui did not leave for a long time, saying that the work was very complicated and it was difficult for one person to do the job. He also produced a list of those who had participated in the construction of the new workshop in Jinzhou. He hoped to transfer them to the East China Sea. Director Zhou agreed, Song Yunhui ignored Director Lu’s yin and yang strangeness and got up and left.

When Song Yunhui got off the train, his wife Cheng Kaiyan rushed into his arms and the two walked home holding hands. Cheng Kaiyan knitted two identical sweaters, which he said were lovers. The two went to Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother’s house together. Cheng Qianli dragged Cheng’s father’s forced retirement back home, his face was not very good. Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yunhui were holding their three-year-old daughter Song Yin and their family reunited, and asked about Cheng’s father’s retirement, and asked if this was his initiative. Cheng’s father smiled bitterly.

Cheng Qianli helped him fight the injustice and said that the tea was cold as soon as he left. Today, Cheng’s father’s retirement factory did not even send a car. Director Min did this too much. Song Yunhui didn’t understand why he was targeting him. He was obviously good at calling him before. Cheng’s father asked him about the approval of the East China Sea project, and it is not surprising to know that the approval was submitted through other departments.

Song Yunhui considered it for a long time and decided to go to Factory Manager Min to have a good talk, not because of his own troubles Cheng Father, Cheng Father told him not to mention himself, even if he wanted to, only one request, to give Cheng Qianli a better department. Song Yunhui was unwilling to ask for help, and Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother knew that, so it was fine for him to be angry, but after all, Cheng Qianli had to stay in Jinzhou for a lifetime. Song Yunhui went to see Director Min and said that he shouldn’t treat Father Cheng in this way, but Director Min said that he had arranged a farewell party for him, and he refused. Factory Manager Min said that Cheng’s father was playing a bitter trick, and Song Yunhui became better and better under his control.

He did this to make him feel owed to the Cheng family. Song Yunhui said that he didn’t need to take care of the Cheng family’s affairs, and raised Cheng Qianli’s affairs, but he has offended many people in the factory over the years, and which department dares to demand him. Song Yunhui transferred a lot of people from Jinzhou this time, and it happened that there was a shortage of people. Director Min decided to send Cheng Qianli to the new workshop to be the deputy secretary. The world he laid down was the world he had laid down. The Cheng family would also remember Song Yunhui’s favor.

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