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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 3 Recap

Director Min urged Song Yunhui to transfer Cheng Kaiyan away. She heard that she was not on the first transfer list and cried and made noise on the spot. She also said that Cheng Kaiyan was good, but there were a lot of gossips around working in the kindergarten.

Song Yunhui said that Cheng Qianli was assigned to work as the deputy secretary of the workshop. Cheng Kaiyan took the opportunity to ask him to transfer herself too, because she was not on the first transfer list. She wanted to ask for a long time, but Cheng’s father refused to let her ask.

The problem of Cheng Qianli was solved first. Cheng Kaiyan said carelessly, and said that they are a family and should be together every day. He can’t wait to tell Factory Manager Min to transfer himself, Song Yunhui has no choice but to let her go home first.

Cheng Kaiyan left happily, Song Yunhui turned back to find Xun Jianxiang, Yang Xun ran the source of the goods, and the two sat down to drink. Song Yunhui drank a few glasses of wine and said that Cheng Kaiyan had changed. The Cheng family played a bitter trick to show him.

Xun Jianxiang said that he was hypocritical. This is the way the Golden State rules. Finding a good son-in-law is just for this. Song Yunhui was still unhappy, thinking that it didn’t matter how Cheng’s father looked down on him, a soil bun from the countryside, but Cheng Kaiyan also acted with their family.

Xun Jianxiang could see that the Cheng family’s acting was true, and Cheng Kaiyan was warned by Cheng’s father at best. Where could she be acting. Song Yunhui used his wine to persuade Xun Jianxiang to keep a distance from his former friends and not to cause trouble to Yang Xun. Cheng Kaiyan waited at home until Song Yunhui came back, smelling the smell of alcohol on his body and asked her if she was really angry. Song Yunhui hugged her and said that we are a family.

Lei Dongbao was called by Secretary Chen of the county party committee and said that the bank didn’t need any loans for them. Lei Dongbao explained that Xiaolei’s family had already worked on several projects together. He didn’t want to pay two months of interest. Secretary Chen didn’t understand that he used to It’s refreshing.

Now I’m here with my mother-in-law, and I can get the loan earlier to get the project. Secretary Chen gave Lei Dongbao two ways in a hurry, either accepting the loan or never using the bank for the rest of his life. Lei Dongbao had no choice but to accept the five million loan. Lei Zhengming asked Hongwei to approve a sum of money, saying that the budget of the workshop was over.

Lei Shigen came to Lei Zhengming and said that he had calculated an account. The profit of the copper factory would be almost zero in the next three years and persuaded him to calculate the household. Lei Shigen kindly reminded Lei Zhengming that he suspected that he was getting oil and water from it. Lei Shigen had no choice but to persuade him not to let Lei Dongbao down. If anything happened to the copper factory, the people of Xiao Lei’s family would forgive me. Can’t stop him.

Lei Zhengming ran to Lei Dongbao and asked Ying to hire the expert. Lei Dongbao guessed that he was panicking because the copper factory was spending too much money, so he agreed. Soon after, Lei Zhengming invited Mr. Feng and said that the senior worker introduced by Song Yunhui was too old to move around. Mr. Feng was his proud student. Lei Dongbao took them into the Wei Chunhong Hotel and looked at each other while ordering. Feng Gong’s asking price was much lower than Gao Gong’s asking price, which was one of the reasons Lei Zhengming invited him.

East China Sea. Song Yunhui received a fax from Beijing. They still plan to use Japanese suppliers, but American suppliers are the best. Song Yunhui didn’t understand them. I insisted. So he quickly called Ma Baoping and decided to write a report to him. The Ministry once again analyzed the problems of Japanese and American suppliers, and Ma Baoping agreed.

Song Yunhui received his third uncle, who promoted the equipment as soon as he came up. Song Yunhui said that he was just a deputy and he also tended to choose products from American companies and persuaded him to run the Beijing project team more. The third uncle advised him not to limit the order list to Batumi list, and prepare for the worst in everything, and he also prepared a list of those equipment for him.

The Xiaoleijia Copper Factory was officially completed. The first batch of copper rods was of very good quality. Lei Dongbao was very satisfied and told Lei Zhengming to pay close attention to the deficit, so that people in the village who had opinions about the copper factory shut up.

Lei Dongbao was going to Jinzhou. Lei Zhengming wanted to thank Song Yunhui, so he prepared two bottles of wine for Lei Dongbao to bring to Father Song. Lei Dongbao didn’t want it. Lei Dongbao held Song Yin on the phone and called Song Yunhui, saying that he shouldn’t take Song Father and Song Mother without telling him. Song Yunhui said that Song Yin needs someone to take care of him.

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