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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 1 Recap

Outside the city, the iron horse Jingo was snowing. A man in red armor held a long sword in his hand. The enemy in front of him was like an python, and the attack only increased.

Hearing the sound of killing outside, the bride in the building abandoned her head and ran to his sweetheart in the snow alone. Today is their wedding day, but Zhu Xuanwen has been exhausted and scarred in the murder outside. The sword had no eyes. In a flash, the arrow feathers thorned, and the ripples pushed him away to block the arrow.

The bride finally died in Zhu Xuanwen’s arms on the day of the wedding. When her life was in the most critical situation, she handed the peach blossom hair to Zhu Xuanwen. She lost her life and paid for it in the next life.
The dream was really repeated. Luo Kaihuai woke up and couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

At the same time, Zhu Xuanwen, the new chairman of Yike Jewelry Company, made his jewelry exhibition debut. The car drove smoothly to the destination. Suddenly, the data on the dashboard was blurred, the tires were frozen, the car capsized, and even Zhu Xuanwen was admitted to the hospital.

When he woke up from the hospital bed, he also woke up from that dream and looked at the people around him dressed in strange clothes. What about his royal palace and his people? Even the aunt in the inpatient department dared to talk about teasing him. Zhu Xuanwen completely did not remember the assistant Dave and the second uncle around him.

The news spread on the Internet in an instant, saying that Zhu Xuanwen’s whereabouts in the car accident were unknown. Second uncle could only cover up the truth of the matter in front of the media interview, saying that he was just going home to rest.

Luo Kaihuai is a psychotherapist. Because of the strange dream she had grown up, she decided to learn psychology. Now she is best at weaving dramatic scenes to get into the hearts of patients.

Today, she had a bad journey to work. She was rubbed by the passing bus and fell in front of Zhu Xuanwen’s car. Second uncle apologized and decided to send her to work. When the door of the car was opened, Luo Kaihuai saw a man in ancient costume sitting upright and sitting upright, with extraordinary spirits. He just opened his mouth and called her a commoner. He also ran and made mocking words everywhere. It was really empty.

Luo Kaihuai was already a long time late for the company. Everyone was nervously discussing a difficult patient case. As soon as she came in, the task fell from the sky, and the boss handed over the case that he claimed to be the prince every day to her. Luo Kaihuai listened carefully to the patient’s situation and the boss’s reason. The case was given to her exactly matching her dream, and perhaps it could help Luo Kaihuai gain a lot.

In order to make the patient believe that he is the prince, the situational treatment method is set in the film and television city. Walking through the bead curtain and through the curtain, Luo Kaihuai finally met the prince. The prince praised her beauty and invited her to join the pulse.

Finally, when he talked about the most valuable thing in the room, Luo Kaihuai almost thought that the prince praised himself. Ji, who knew that the next second he said it was him? The prince never thought that a little imperial doctor could be so narcissistic. This consultation broke up, and Dave, dressed as an eunuch, paid her the bill.

Zhu Xuanwen resigned from five therapists in a row. The second uncle temporarily suppressed this matter, but the treatment could not stop. Luo Kaihuai looked at Zhu Xuanwen’s information and found his previous achievements.

Who would have thought that Zhu Xuanwen was a genius in jewelry before, but now he is so confused that he is not clear who he is. The next day, when I came to the film and television city, I met a peach blossom. Luo Kaihuai seemed to see a woman from it.

When he came to the bedroom, he also seemed to see a loving couple holding a pen grinding, until a man’s sword behind the screen reached her neck, and a new picture flashed in his mind, which was blood.

In an instant, her breath and blood surged, and her heart turned over the river and came to the lake. As soon as she turned around, someone looked at her narrowly. As soon as the center of gravity fell into the lake and gradually sank to the bottom of the water, the man swam to her from the water. It seems that there has been such a scene before.

As a doctor of Qiancaomen, Lianyi rescued him from the lake. Who would have thought that the man would leave before his eye disease was cured? He was carrying deep hatred, and Ripple could not only pierce him with one needle.

The dream was renewed again, and Luo Kaihuai woke up and touched the prince’s chest, which made her very embarrassed. Unexpectedly, the more she hid from the prince, the more she thought she was aggressive. Until finally, she had no choice but to do it.

Instead, she deliberately made a charming gesture, and Zhu Xuanwen let her go. When they went out, they just bumped into Dave. The two of them sneered at Zhu Xuanwen’s narcissistic arrogance. Later, Luo Kaihuai asked his boss Qin Feng again. After careful finishing, Luo Kaihuai decided to be more careful.

Although he has already started an investigation, Luo Kaihuai is still hesitating whether to accept this difficult case. After chatting with her best friend Peach for a long time, she went home to calm down and think a lot. So the next day, she appeared in the film and television city and dressed in the shape of a little maid of honor. Unfortunately, she happened to meet Zhu Xuanwen, who came to the back garden for a walk.

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