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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 2 Recap

Obviously, she and the prince still have a hard battle to fight. Zhu Xuanwen determined that Luo Kaihuai was a mischievous maid of honor. He was now focusing on driving the little maid of honor without changing his strategy.

However, it’s okay to stay. As long as you guess what Zhu Xuanwen thinks, you can stay. Isn’t it clear that you want to punish her? Who can guess the prince’s mind correctly, let alone guess correctly that he won’t admit it. Suddenly, she had an idea. She guessed that the prince must want her to leave at this moment.

So if she is denied, it is to want her to stay, and the result of staying left and right is achieved.

After successfully entering the royal palace and placing it properly, Luo Kaihuai began to plan the diagnosis and treatment diary to increase the intimacy and trust value. It said that she was hungry, and she ran to the kitchen full of raw ingredients.

What’s more terrible was that she turned around and saw Zhu Xuanwen, scaring her persimmons almost falling off the ground. Zhu Xuanwen ordered her to wait in the dormitory for a while with a pot of wine. In the middle of the night, what does it mean to go to the dormitory?

Luo Kaihuai not only felt cold on his back, but also wore ten layers of clothes to the prince’s bedroom. Unexpectedly, the clothes were too heavy and difficult to handle. She fell head-on without entering two steps. Now she was a clumsy girl. The name of the new one is going to be confirmed.

Zhu Xuanwen called her to wash her feet. Since he is a little maid of honor now, he can only take off his socks and bring water for him. But Zhu Xuanwen either feels cold or hot. In short, after changing it more than ten times, he did not satisfy the noble prince. Finally, the prince was satisfied with the water temperature. Luo Only when I was happy did I collapse. Good integration scenarios and harmonious relationship with patients, the first step of the plan is completed.

At the door of Yike Company, a man in a suit and flowers came to Linda again. Everyone took pleasure behind his back, but the man in the suit still took the time of bravely to face the difficulties. Linda hid behind the wall. At the sight of someone, he immediately turned around and hid back. Unexpectedly, the suit man came to her side, unavoidable and unavoidable.

Just as the second uncle came, Linda held his face in the first gear, pretending to be kissing by the two, and narrowly avoiding the suit man several times. It’s just because of too strong just now. Linda tore the second uncle’s shirt and the button fell out of nowhere. The two of them said one word, one said compensation and the other said it off. In the end, it was very unhappy. The second uncle only felt that he had been bad luck for eight lifetimes before he met such a crazy woman.

At Luo Kaihuai’s home, it was lunch time again. Dad cooked the soup and made a table of delicious food with all kinds of color, fragrance and waiting for the two to eat. Luo Kaihuai gave his younger brother living expenses. Dad suddenly had something to discuss with his two children. He wanted to go to the tour group to take photos to subsidize his family, but this matter was directly rejected by the siblings. Now his sister Kaihuai has worked, and his younger brother still has two years to graduate. Dad doesn’t have to work too hard, just feed them with soup.

Luo Kaihuai even dreamed of how to rectify Zhu Xuanwen. Zhu Xuanwen was in front of her when he woke up. He scolded her for sleeping and not being diligent. Luo Kaihuai immediately showed weakness, crying and begged for mercy and praised him. So Zhu Xuanwen added projects to her work to wait for him to get up and sleep.

Another day of waiting for her to take a shower, Zhu Xuanwen directly pulled her into the water, thinking that relative weakness would help improve intimacy, Luo Kaihuai did not forget to ask him for help at this time. Luo Kaixin was ill when she came back from soaking in water. Zhu Xuanwen ordered her to rest well within three days with different hearts.

Others did not know, but Dave, who was watching the bustle, could not know. Zhu Xuanwen looked at Luo Kaikai with another eye, which augur well. Yike’s stock fell due to Zhu Xuanwen’s affair. Some people on the board of directors had the impatient to propose the introduction of acting CEOs. The ambition was obvious, but there was a second uncle sitting in the town. The matter was not discussed too much, and finally temporarily suppressed Zhu Xuanwen’s illness.

Luo Kaihuai thought that if he wanted to stay here and not be kicked out by Zhu Xuanwen, he quickly brushed the sense of existence, so that night while Zhu Xuanwen was playing chess with himself, Luo Kaihuai came with poker.

After talking about it for a long time, after telling him the rules, he took it as a gamble. If Luo Kaihuai wins, she should be allowed to stay. If Zhu Xuanwen wins, she will be punished for drinking. Unexpectedly, the old Jianghu who has been wandering for many years, facing Zhu Xuanwen, a new player, turned out to be a loss in the game.

After drinking a lot of wine, and there was the last pot of wine. When she was drunk and robbed, she rushed on her body and was wrongly with Zhu Xuanwen. She did not know that Zhu Xuanwen’s intimacy at this time was almost explosive.

Lianyi couldn’t persuade Zhu Xuanwen to calm down to recover from his illness, so he followed him to Beijing to share dry food on the way. Zhu Xuanwen smelled the fragrance of Lianyi’s peach blossoms. Luo Kai’s dream continued to be updated. She wrote these in another book.

Suddenly, she remembered the coincidental kiss last night. She comforted herself in a hurry and comforted herself, which was no different from shaking hands, but it was also the first time.

Suddenly, someone sent a message asking Luo Kaihuai to serve Zhu Xuanwen. She came to serve it tremblingly and absent-mindedly, but received the good news that she was mentioned as a maid. However, my personal maid didn’t know how to order piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Zhu Xuanwen had already prepared a book for her to wait for it.

This look was to punish her again. Unexpectedly, Luo Kaihuai said that she was a little fluent in writing and ink. Now Zhu Xuanwen came into interest and came up with the right sentence to test her, but the result seemed not to be satisfactory.

Luo Kaihuai completely didn’t have the right horsetail. At the end, any poem could be answered, “Hibiscus tent warms the Spring Night, and the king will not be early from now on.” Zhu Xuanwen kicked her out in anger and spent these two sentences for a long time. What and what are these?

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