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Mongse (夢世). A vain world like a dream

Han Tae-go is left alone in the world after losing her parents.
Kwak Cha-il, the son of the enemy, is obsessed with keeping such a primeval age by his side for more than 15 years.
The primeval could not end his life or kill the child and stay with him, losing the will of life.

Then one day.
While longing for freedom, the existence of Lee Seo-do appears in front of the ancient times, tamed by the child.
The primeval hides the identity of the police and infiltrates the organization, and he seems to be an opportunity and hope to escape from childs… … .

Kwak Cha-il’s hand grabbed my arm. The wounds of that day, more than 10 years old, were still left. Even when the wound healed, the trace did not disappear. Inadequately, the fingertips with a feeling of affection tickle the skin of the forearm.
I spit out annoyingly.

“Let it go.”
“… … .”

Gwak Cha-il’s gaze, who had stayed on his lower arm with a blank gaze, looked at me. I raised my arm he was stroking. I moved it to my wrist and placed my palm on my cheek. side. Kwak Cha-il pressed his palm with his lips.
Just looking at the shape, I laughed at me as if I was adorable.

“How about losing it? Still, you are mine without change.”

Monse (夢世)
Associated Names: 몽세(夢世)
True 9
Genres: BL
Year: N/A
Status: Volume 3, Special Side Story (Completed)

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