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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Ke and Shen Siyi are classmates, they have been inseparable since they were young, and they are in love with sisters, but one day they separated. Time came to the London airport in 2017, and the charming and charming Shen Siyi looked at the photo of her and Lu Ke with a smile on her face, and then she embarked on the flight to Shanghai. At this time, the beautiful and gentle Lu Ke was hiding outside the cafe and looking inside. Her boyfriend Cheng Nan sent her a notebook on a motorcycle, and she gave the notebook to his colleague Coco who was drinking coffee inside.

Coco couldn’t help laughing after reading it. She hadn’t seen the informant who left the job and helped find the next home. In fact, Lu Ke wanted to help her relieve the sadness of leaving.

Coco said that she had found a job. She went to her friend’s house and switched to operations. She also mobilized Lu Ke to go to her friend’s house. Lu Ke laughed and said that she was very happy at the living house. But Coco said that the Life Family was going to stop the publication. Lu Ke thought it impossible. Life Family had been running for more than 20 years. How could it be possible to stop as soon as she said it. Coco told her that the publisher sent by the headquarters to suspend publication and liquidation would soon be in Shanghai.

Life is a magazine that Lu Ke loved to read since she was a child. She didn’t want or believe it would cease publication. She came to the magazine the next day. She wanted to chat with someone from the headquarters, and walked into the office when no one answered. She accidentally found a photo of her and Shen Siyi on the table. Past memories could not help but come to mind. At this time, someone walked up to her and asked who she was. Lu Ke looked back and found that Shen Siyi was surprised. She was also surprised by the past. Siyi was angry with her, and silently put down the photos she was holding and prepared to leave. Siyi was not angry and introduced herself as the acting publisher who had just arrived, and asked Lu Ke what’s the matter.

Lu Ke told Siyi that the decision to stop the publication was too hasty. How could such a big magazine and their group’s first Chinese publication stop and stop? Siyi laughed and said that it’s not that she wants to stop the publication or that the headquarters wants to stop publication. Lu Ke feels that life There is no hope for someone like Siyi at home.

She angrily returned to her seat and picked up her bag and was about to leave. Siyi came to the lobby to tell everyone why the headquarters made the decision to close the publication. However, she planned to suggest that the headquarters should be closed. I hope everyone can stay. She is still very confident. Those of you who are resurrecting life, my colleagues are very happy to hear it.

After get off work, Lu Ke and her girlfriend Guan Yue talked about the past. When she was in high school, she liked a boy and was kicked by Siyi, but Siyi told her friend Lao Kang that it was because that boy had poor grades. Lu But she was able to go to Fudan University. She looked very anxious and kissed the boy. As a result, Siyi broke up with the boy and Lu Ke was admitted to Shanghai. She thought Lu Ke should thank her. Lu Ke told Guan Yue that Siyi would go abroad later, and Guan Yue asked her if she planned to stay and continue to cooperate with Siyi. Lu Ke felt confused.

When Lu Ke walked out of the bar, it suddenly started to rain. She walked in the rain with her umbrella under her umbrella. After receiving a text message from Siyi on her mobile phone, they said that the responsibility of re-publishing lies on them. She couldn’t help but think of the scene when she and Siyi were running a school publication before. At that time, Siyi confidently said that Lu Ke’s writing style and her talents are far more powerful than that of a living expert.

When Siyi came to the magazine the next day, she put a proposal on Lu Ke’s desk. Lu Ke asked Siyi if she had read her reissue proposal. Siyi asked Lu Ke to look at her first. Lu Ke thought Siyi’s proposal. Not very good, but Siyi feels that Lu Ke’s plan is an offline activity and a designer linkage, but where does the money come from? They both argued with their own opinions. Seeing that Lu Ke is full of gunpowder, Si Yi feels that based on their past they are really not good at cooperating, but Lu Ke has the choice whether or not to do this. Then the two argued about the direction of starting the journal. Lu Ke thought that he wanted the living family to get better and better, but Siyi wanted to make money from the living family. Siyi was very angry and left.

At night, Lu Ke sat on the back seat of Cheng Nan’s motorcycle and went home. On the way, she complained to Cheng Nan and stopped doing it. At this time, she received the LOOK magazine photo from Si Yi, and then she found Si Yi in the noodle shop opposite the company. It turned out that Si Yi found the self-run journal they sent to the living family 10 years ago for observation, and also attached a written note. They can’t help but feel emotion when they reread the immature letter.

Siyi said that when they were in high school, they ran an observation journal together. She felt sorry for the failure. She wanted to run the daily life together with Lu Ke this time. The two chatted for a long time and didn’t feel hungry. Si Yi pulled her out of the noodle shop. The two happily rode bicycles on the street. Si Yi learned that Lu Ke was in love, and she found it too troublesome to fall in love.

On this day, Lu Ke went to the studio and met Sister An who had a new sight. Hearing that Sister An said that Siyi was going to work as a publisher for their new media, Lu Ke was very surprised and hurried to ask Siyi about this matter. Siyi asked her. The explanation for this has not yet been decided. Lu Ke said angrily how the plan they had made became someone else’s plan in an instant. She regretted that she believed Siyi again. Siyi said that she didn’t know about it, she didn’t want to go to new sights and didn’t give the plan to others.

Mr. Liang came to live with the day after tomorrow, whether she could persuade her to be the day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, Mr. Liang came to the living house. Siyi saw that Lu Ke hadn’t come to the magazine and felt a little disappointed. She introduced Mr. Liang to the re-publishing plan. Mr. Liang said that the living house had ceased publication so she didn’t want to hold on by herself. , Lu Ke rushed to say that Siyi was not alone.

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