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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 3 Recap

Guan Yue felt that everyone thought it was impossible for her to be with Lao Yao. They were all watching her jokes. Lu Ke denied and said no. Guan Yue asked her who was good with Shen Siyi, and Lu Ke didn’t know how to answer. Guan Yue was misunderstood by a policeman as a bad person and pressed him in the car. Lu Kefan was eager to eat in the rain and ran to a place for forty minutes, but found that it was not the case. She asked Siyi why didn’t she tell her earlier. Siyi said that she had forgotten, and Lu Ke felt that Siyi deliberately Playing tricks on her, she said angrily that Siyi was naive. After that, Lu Ke fell ill and went to the hospital for an infusion. Siyi rushed to the hospital and was surprised to see Lu Ke faint.

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