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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 43 Recap

Lin Yu heard the conversation between Qin Yun and Han Zimo, and knew that it was the mobile phone Qin Yun put in Li Chuyao’s bag. She felt that Chuyao should not lie to her, she could bear the truth and did not want Chuyao to make unnecessary sacrifices for her. Yao explained that she did not want to affect the relationship between their husband and wife. She said that Qin Yun was only fooled by Zimo for a while, and Qin Yun had already apologized to her. Lin Yu was very uncomfortable. She saw clearly the qualities of the man next to her, and that was the end of her and Qin Yun. Chuyao didn’t want her child to be born without a father, so she advised Lin Yu to think about it.

I heard that Feiyi signed a contract with advertisers. Chang Dale was worried about how they would fight a protracted battle if Feiyi engages in a money-burning battle. Chuyao felt that they could consider promoting the product to hotels and gyms. Zhou Lin suggested launching the enterprise version, Li Luoshu I think they have a good idea, just do what they say, they are full of confidence in the future.

Then Lin Yu filed a divorce with Qin Yun. Knowing that his wife already knew why Chu Yao was fired, Qin Yun explained that he had been deceived by Zimo. He had already drawn a line with him, and he had no choice, Lin Yu said He had a chance to remedy it but pretended that nothing happened. What he said there was no way was that he couldn’t bear it.

When Qin Yun saw her resolutely divorcing, she went to Chuyao to ask her to help persuade Lin Yu. Chuyao said that she had persuaded but the effect was not good. Qin Yun became very excited, and he even suspected that it was Chuyao who urged Lin Yu and him. For the divorced, Chuyao said that she had really persuaded her and then turned and left.

Qin Yun went to Zimo again and said that he had been miserable by him, but Zimo said if Qin Yun bought Lin Yu a big villa and a big diamond ring, would she still divorce him? He wanted to continue cooperating with Qin Yun. Then Zimo gave Qi Yi a list of the next round of financing that Shan Yi’an helped Chuxin find. He asked her to contact them one by one so that they must not vote for the original intention. She also said that Luoshu would cooperate with hotel chains in the next step, and asked her to remind Wu Yajun to be smart and not be preempted by Luoshu.

But Wu Yajun felt that his market share was at least twice the number of users that he had originally intended. Luo Shu was not his opponent at all, so he didn’t take this matter to heart. He also said that Feiyi will carry out a new round of financing, which will dilute the shares under the name of President Han. Qi Yi feels that he is crossing the river to demolish the bridge. Zimo was very annoyed when Qi Yi came back to report. Qi Yi persuaded him to get away from Feiyi. Instead of relying on a disobedient Wu Yajun, he might as well find another way.

Shan Yian’s investigation found that the third-party organization Wu Yajun cooperated with was named and had no qualifications at all. Their so-called sample database data was also stolen. Shan Yian called and told Luoshu about the matter. Luoshu felt that the information should be handed in. At the place where it should be handed in, Shan Yian agreed to hand it in for him. Luo Shu felt that the situation began to be favorable for them. At this time, Wu Yajun was frustrated and exhausted. Users gave bad reviews, advertisers were watching, and investors were afraid to vote. The decline in Feiyi’s reputation gave Chuxin a chance, and Luoshu was determined to take back the lost market share.

Wu Yajun asked Zimo to ask him for an additional investment. He threatened Zimo that they were grasshoppers on a rope, and Zimo wouldn’t have a good life if their wings were broken. After Wu Yajun left, Qi Yi quietly took out the laptop after watching Zimo fell asleep on the sofa, and then plugged in the USB flash drive to copy the contents. That day the secretary brought Wu Yajun more than a dozen resignation letters, including hers. She planned to leave the company and return to her hometown. Wu Yajun was upright annoyed when the police brigade members suddenly walked into his office and took him away.

On the rooftop of the community, Luo Shu told Chuyao that since she came to Chuxin, all of their things have gone smoothly, perhaps because she and they were so lucky. Chu Yao laughed that he put a high hat on her, Chu Xin was already on the right track, and she could go to work elsewhere with peace of mind. Luo Shu was surprised to hear that.

Chu Yao said that she had been working by his side, so she couldn’t realize her value. Now when she goes out, people say that she is Li Luoshu’s sister and Li Luoshu’s marketing director. She is like his pendant. She doesn’t want them. Luo Shu’s work and life are completely tied together, hoping to leave a little space for each other, Luo Shu is reluctant to leave her, saying that this matter needs a long-term plan.

Fei Wing collapsed and nothing was left. Zimo borrowed wine to pour his sorrows at his residence. He regretted believing in Wu Yajun, a fool. Qi Yi asked him to go abroad to find his mother, so that he could still live the original life, but Zimo didn’t see Luo Shu and Chu Yao breaking up, he was unwilling for a day, and he wanted them to kneel in front of his father’s grave. Dad apologized. Qi Yi said why he was so stupid. Zimo drove her away and didn’t want to see her again. Qi Yi left sadly.

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