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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 44 End Recap

After Han Zimo drove Qi Yi away, he called Qin Yun and asked him to help himself one last time. Qin Yun called Li Chuyao and said that he had resigned from Longtian, and Lin Yu was impossible. The previous things were his fault and he hoped that Chuyao would forgive him and that Chuyao would let him live well in the future. Qin Yun bought some things and wanted to give them to Lin Yu, hoping that Chuyao would help him deliver them. Chuyao agreed and asked him to wait for the rain to stop and send the things to the gate of her community.

Then Chuyao came to the gate of the community to wait for Qin Yun. Suddenly a van stopped in front of her. Two strange men got off the bus and asked if she was Li Chuyao. After getting a positive answer, they pulled her into the car. After that, Chu Yao’s mouth was taped and his hands tied back and he sat on a stool. Han Zimo walked toward her and removed the tape from her mouth.

When Chuyao asked him what he wanted to do, Zimo dialed Li Luoshu’s cell phone and heard Chuyao’s voice coming from it. Luo Shu hurriedly asked her what’s wrong, and then Zimo’s voice came. Luo Shu asked him what he wanted to do. Zimo said that he wanted to get back what was lost. Chuyao asked Luo Shu not to listen to him. Luo Shu asked Zimo to rush him for something. Zimo wanted to play a game with Luo Shu, but he didn’t want to have fun yet. What? He told Luo Shu not to call the police or he would do everything.

Luo Shu hurried home to tell his mother that Chuyao was on a business trip, and that he could not return for these two days. After speaking, he hurried out and called the police while walking. Then Qi Yi received a call from Qin Yun. He said anxiously that Zimo had kidnapped Chuyao. Luo Shu is now looking for him everywhere, and Qi Yi asked him not to tell others to wait for her call. Then she called Luo Shu and said she knew where Zimo was.

Luo Shu hurried to Zimo’s residence but didn’t see him. Qi Yi said that he didn’t know where Han Zimo was. This is just where he usually lives. Shu asked her why she asked him to come, Qi Yi said that like Luo Shu, she hoped that Zimo would stop and Chuyao could return safely. Luo Shu said why he believed her. She said that she had sent the materials for reporting Feiyi Technology. Luo Shu asked her to find someone for him. Then Qi Yi received Zimo’s mother at the airport.

Then Qi Yi found Gang Zimo kidnapped Chu Yao’s sixth brother and gave him a sum of money to cover Chu Yao’s location. Luo Shu rushed to an old warehouse with Qi Yi and Zimo’s mother. Chuyao, whose mouth was sealed with tape, saw Luo Shu and couldn’t help but struggled and called his name. Zimo saw that his mother was also here. He couldn’t help being surprised. He pointed at them with a knife and said that Luo Shu thought he would be able to contain him with his mother? He made Luo Shu and Chu Yao both have to be buried with his father.

Zimo’s mother said she was coming back by herself. She let her son let Chuyao go. Chuyao had never reported his father. It was she and his father who made up her to deceive him. Zimo didn’t believe it, he put the knife on Chu Yao’s neck, he thought they forced his mother to say that. My mother said that what she said was true. His dad deliberately made up to deceive him in order to prevent him from returning to China. Now the police are outside and she persuades her son not to make mistakes. Zimo was emotionally broken. He didn’t expect his closest person to deceive him and mislead him. With a loose knife, he couldn’t help falling to the ground. Luo Shu quickly ran over and hugged Chuyao.

Lin Yu and Qin Yun divorced, and Shan Yian intends to go abroad to accompany Shan Shan. He believes that Luo Shu will definitely make his original intention the first in the industry. Chang Dale and Niu Siyi have also registered for marriage, and everyone is happy for them. Chu Yao and Luo Shu cuddled on the swing chair. Luo Shu hoped that she could do what she likes to do. Chu Yao wondered how he had such a big change. Luo Shu said that she had an accident and he thought a lot in the past few days. Her happiness is the main thing.

Chu Yao has been thinking a lot in the past few days, who knows who will come first in the accident and tomorrow, so they must cherish the moment, she must hold his hand to tell everyone they are together. She wanted to marry Luo Shu. Luo Shu smiled and said that it was the first time he saw a girl take such initiative. He was worried about what would happen to his parents. Chu Yao said that he would discuss with his father and see how his mother could solve it. She called her father and asked him to go home early after get off work. She and Luo Shu had something to discuss with him.

When Li’s father got off work, he saw a man steal the girl’s bag. He immediately chased him. In order to protect a child, he was stabbed with a knife by the bag snatcher. Chu Yao and Luo Shu rushed to the hospital after learning the news. The doctor said that his chest was pierced and the blood could not stop. Chu Yao and Luo Shu rushed in.

The weak father Li asked Luo Shu to open his bag. Luo Shu took out an account book and opened it to see that the head of the household was Li Luoshu. Father Li said that he had given Chu Yao to him. Regrettably not able to attend their wedding, he wished them the love of the old couple with their white heads. When they said that, their heart stopped beating, and Chuyao lay on the bed and cried bitterly.

Later, in front of his father’s tombstone, Luo Shu promised to his father that he would take good care of his mother. He also promised Chuyao that one day he would give her a grand wedding. He asked Chuyao if he would wait for him, and Chuyao smiled and said yes. Subsequently, Han Zimo, Wu Yajun and others were sanctioned by law. Life continues to move forward, waiting for Luo Shu and Chuyao will be a bright future.

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