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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 15 Recap

Yin Pei has been raised by Ji Yun for many years. Although he has made any intentional mistakes, his heart is not malicious. These years are also sincere relative, but Yin Pei is eager to use it. Zhou Fei really didn’t want to be alone with such a white-eyed wolf. He took advantage of Xie Yun to go out to inquire about the situation and studied with Wu Chuchu.

Jianghu martial arts has become a unique sound, which inevitably makes people sigh. However, Wu Chuchu actually has the ability to never forget, and he also wants to record the dry and prosperous hand as a martial arts classics. This can not only be used for Zhou Fei to study, but also to avoid the pity that martial arts has been lost. At this moment, Ji Yunchen is sitting not far away, listening to the dialogue between the two, as if thinking.

Hengshan secret road is complex, and it also contains many organs and forks in the road. When ordinary people enter it, it is easy to get lost and be killed by organs. At the beginning of the construction, it deliberately did not block the secret road entrance, and it was also to lure the enemy into the trap.

At present, Zhou Fei and others are trapped here, and even Xie Yun can’t come back when he goes out to explore the way. Zheng Luosheng took the Qinglongmenmen outside the mountain for a day, and it was not until night that he finally found the entrance. Fortunately, the secret road is easy to enter but difficult to exit. Zheng Luosheng can only send people to ring gongs, intending to make Zhou Fei and others mess up themselves, but this little thought naturally can not hide Xie Yun.

Zheng Luosheng did not know that the dog he had raised for many years turned out to be the descendants of the Yin family. He wanted to lure Yin Pei to take the initiative to hand over the stolen Yin Wenlan’s broken sword with his soft and false words, which was in vain. However, Zheng Luosheng’s group of blind people has the ability to listen to the voice and identify positions. The fork in the secret organs and the confusing eyes can not delay Zheng Luosheng for too long.

In a critical situation, Ji Yunchen invited Zhou Fei to stay with Zheng Luosheng’s dog life forever in order to eliminate future troubles for Yin Peiyong. As a benefit, he could teach Bei Dao to cut off the water and wrap the thread, but the danger was self-evident. Xie Yun was naturally shocked and opposed when she heard the words. However, Zhou Fei was brave and not afraid of danger. If she could eliminate the evil for the world, she could not ask for it. As for the Northern Dao, she sneered.

Ji Yunchen wanted to force out the long-abandoned power of his body with a soul search needle, and at this time he fought with Zhou Feiwen one or two so that she could understand the essence of the Northern Sword. The two sat opposite each other and said their own moves, and in their hearts, it seemed to enter the spiritual world of mutual soul competition. Every move, every move, every move, let Zhou Fei cut her body to experience the strength of the Northern knife, and also let her sincerely apologize for her previous offense.

Zheng Luosheng has not yet come after him, Xie Yun still does not give up, wanting to persuade Zhou Fei to advance and retreat moderately and avoid his sharp edge. However, those who knife will go forward bravely. If you are afraid that Zhou Fei will be unable to improve on martial arts all his life. Xie Yun saw that Zhou Fei’s idea had been decided, and he no longer said much. It was Zhou Fei’s promise to protect him. Xie Yun regarded her as a confidant, but was mistaken for his fear of death.

The intention has been decided, and it should not be too late. Xie Yun’s protection method is on the side, Zhou Fei and Ji Yun have used the idea of the move. Wendou is not like martial arts. Any variable and mentality can determine victory or defeat. Wendou allows Zhou Fei to deal with it one move at a time, but not using mayfly arrays to get coincidence.

After a long time, Zhou Feihan passed five moves in Ji Yun’s heavy knife, and at the same time realized the true essence of Nandao, and also integrated the past learning moves and went further. The south knife is sharp, and there is a tendency to break mountains and split water, but Zhou Fei is not tired of the moves, and he intends to fall into impermanence.

Zhou Fei strives to be competitive. Once he understands the essence of martial arts, he will happily forget to eat, but he does not care about the false reputation of the world’s number one. Zhou Fei kept competing with Ji Yunchen in the closer and closer sound of gongs and drums, and the danger was getting closer and closer to them.

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