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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 16 Recap

While Zhou Fei’s fight was closed, the Qinglongmen people rushed in. Just as they were about to fight, Xie Yun broke the mystery of their array, pointing directly at the key to breaking the battle. Seeing that the formation method was invalid, Zheng Luosheng simply responded to the battle in person, but he just wanted to take action, but he couldn’t help but want to put Zhou Fei into the harem.

However, I saw Zhou Fei’s irony, which directly forced Zheng Luo to leave, which was not the same as that of a day ago, he would only bluff and then escape. Zheng Luosheng immediately understood that if he had a feud with Zhou Fei, he could not keep him alive, otherwise there would be no possibility of rival him in the future.

The two fought several times. Zhou Feiming had several opportunities to hurt Zheng Luosheng, but the blade touched the body but could not go deep. When his coat was broken, he saw a clean and moonlight-like dress inside. Xie Yun saw that this was the twilight cloud veil customized by Yin Wenlan for his wife. Its things were extremely light and could be worn on his body.

Yin Wenlan’s treasures fell into Zheng Luosheng’s hands, and the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the Yin family tragedy is self-evident. However, since Zheng Luosheng got all kinds of treasures of the Yin family, he did not become the second mountain sword, and Xie Yun’s words mentioned that the sea and sky were the same, which made Zheng Luosheng’s face change greatly.

Zhou Fei did not have Xie Yun’s good patience and fought with Zheng Luosheng again. But Xie Yun knew that Zheng Luosheng would not kill him, and Zhou Fei blocked the knife everywhere. Zheng Luosheng had no choice but to do it, so he turned his eyes to Wu Chuchu, who had no power to tie the chicken. Fortunately, Ji Yunchen successfully forced his previous skills with the soul search needle in time to save Wu Chuchu from the crisis.

Xie Yun naturally knew what the soul search needle was, and even more, he knew that Ji Yun could not last long, so he let Zhou Fei untie Yin Pei’s acupuncture point and the two sides worked together. Yin Pei was already very bitterly hating Zheng Luosheng. Even regardless of his life and safety, he used himself as bait to forcibly tear off the twilight cloud veil Zheng Luosheng was wearing, and then Zhou Fei killed him with a knife.

The crisis has been eliminated, but Ji Yunchen is the end of the strong. Because although the soul search needle can rise to life, it will die for three quarters. He sells his name for half his life. Thinking that he was complacent in those years, he will now go with the wind. Although Yin Pei was reluctant to give up the kindness of raising, he could not let go of his hatred after all, but before leaving, he sent the twilight veil to Wu Chuchu because the other party had kindly given him fruit.

One person, one knife, one world, will eventually fall into the loess. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun put Ji Yunchen into the earth for peace, only hoping that Ji Yunchen can be reincarnated in the next life and his ambitions. The living cherish the present and look forward to Yin Pei, who parted ways with them. It can understand that Ji Yunchen has a painstaking effort and lives up to the name of Yin Wenlan’s hero.

At the beginning of the incident, the three of them rushed to Huatian Mountain. Xie Yun recalled that he was used as a pawn when he was a child, picking up his life from the blood pool of corpses everywhere, and treating his experience as a story joke.

However, in a moment’s spare time, Zhou Fei suddenly felt that the breath in her body was disordered. She didn’t want to involve Xie Yun’s worry, but she could not resist the angry hands of withered Rong and fainted on the spot.

Xie Yun carried Zhou Fei on his back to Hengyang City to ask for help from his old man. On the way, he happened to meet Hearing, and he could entrust Wu Chuchu to take care of him. All the way back, Zhou Fei confusedly regarded Xie Yun as Zhou Yitang, but he also unreceively answered Xie Yun and called Zhou Fei “A Yun”. I don’t know if there was another meaning.

At the same time, Li Di, who is deeply rooted in the sky, is also planning to return to the 48 villages. By chance, he met Shigu Tianxian passing through this place and wanted to go to Hengyang City. Therefore, Li Di changed his route and unexpectedly met Wu Chuchu. It turned out that Wendi took Wu Chuchu through this place. Because there was an orion trap on the way, she went alone to explore the way, so she was left here alone.

After the earth brake, Li followed closely. In order to protect Wu Chuchu, Li jumped into the orion trap alone, attracting Gu Tianxian’s attention and falsely claiming that he was a local hunter. Because there were many hunters and hundreds of traps, it aroused Gu Tianxian’s vigilance and concern.

In order to convey the news to Hengyang City, Gu Tianxian and his party must have a big conspiracy to see what it looks like and rushing on the road. After learning that Li Yurong would not help it, Shen Tianshu sent several people down the mountain again, so he also decided to go to Hengyang City to meet his old friends. For a while, these people who are entangled in hatred will gather again in Hengyang City.

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