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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 17 Recap

The Yuyi squad always only recognizes prayers, not people. Xie Yun brought Zhou Fei, who was seriously injured and unconscious, to ask for help, but was turned away. Xie Yun had nothing to do, only yelling outside the gate. Fortunately, it was the time when the Yuyi squad was performing, and the Yuyi squad had no choice but to compromise and let Xie Yun enter it.

Mrs. Nishang is dancing and performing on the stage at the moment, her dance looks like heaven and human, but she doesn’t see the vulgarity. Xie Yun asked for help, and didn’t dare to disturb Yuyi’s performance. However, Zhou Fei suddenly lost the last bit of strength on his back, and the hand holding Xie Yun was unable to hang down. This was so startled that he couldn’t help but interrupt.

With a word from Xie Yun, Dadi Shao chased everyone, causing everyone to panic, and Mrs. Nishang had to stop the performance midway. This time, Mrs. Nishang is seeing Xie Yun in the old days, and it turns out that he is really worried.

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