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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 18 Recap

The reason why Zheng Luosheng, the master of the Blue Dragon Gate, ranks first among the Four Elephants is precisely because he has a group of doglegs who can fight and kill. The other three of the four elephants will bear the brunt and sneer.

A true master should be at the level of a grandmaster like a double sword and one sword. Unfortunately, Beidao retreats, leaving his apprentices dead before they become famous, while Shanchuan sword is the uncrowned respect of martial arts. Only these two can be called masters.

Unfortunately, twenty years ago, martial arts talents appeared in large numbers. It was at its peak. The most glorious era, but like a gust of wind, came and went fast. Today, no one of the remaining martial arts juniors can come out. People are right.

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