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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 4 Recap

When Lei Dongbao and Song Yunhui talked about the copper factory, they couldn’t help but feel proud, but Song Yunhui was anxious when he heard that black smoke was burning out of the chimney, and asked them to pinch it out. There must be a problem.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunhui learned that Ma Baoping and the others would come to the peninsula next week, and they would all come. It was a temporary decision. Lei Dongbao came to buy the newspaper, and saw Wei Chunhong’s son Yang Yang playing outside the hotel, and got him on his motorcycle. He accidentally learned that Wei Chunhong was hospitalized and said that he would take Yangyang to the hospital to see Wei Chunhong. Wei Chunhong was stunned when she saw Lei Dongbao.

He hadn’t come to see herself for more than a year, and Wei Chunhong hadn’t visited Xiaolei’s for more than a year to buy goods. She was afraid to annoy Lei Dongbao. Wei Chunhong couldn’t take care of Yangyang. Lei Dongbao offered to help her take care of her for a few days. Wei Chunhong was worried that the male masculine monster would not get along with him, but she liked Lei Dongbao very much and agreed to go to Xiaolei’s house.

Lei Dongbao took Yang Yang back to Xiao Lei’s house, and told Lei Shigen that he had gone to Jinzhou to meet Yang Xun, and his promise was not vague. Lei Shigen looked worried. Yang Xun’s affiliate was checked by the market many times this year, and they had to make up nonsense with them every time, and they could not do more of this kind of thing. Lei Dongbao was not worried at all, after all, Yang Xun was an individual.

However, this time Yang Xun asked him to go because of the proof. As long as the money was transferred on the account, Lei Shigen refused to promise that he would be implicated. At this time, the policy changes greatly, in case the affiliate is illegal someday. Can Lei Dongbao make it clear? Lei Dongbao claims that he is not afraid of shadows.

Song Yunhui found Lei Zhengming and told him to check the copper factory with Feng Gong. Yang Yang ignored no one, and insisted on following Lei Dongbao, and the two had a great time in the village. Tomorrow Wei Chunhong will be discharged from the hospital, Yang Yang is reluctant to leave, thinking about coming to play again later.

Lei Dongbao brought the bullfrog to Leishigen’s house and asked his wife to burn the bullfrog and let Yangyang play with Xiaoyu. Lei Shigen has not gone to the village committee in anger these days. Lei Dongbao specially came to make amends, but Lei Shigen just couldn’t persuade him. Lei Dongbao made a joke.

After all, they are the brothers of Zhang Da in a village. He wants Lei Shigen to take charge of the copper factory. He always runs business outside and only he can manage Lei Zhengming, although he checked and said there was no problem. But Song Yunhui was still not at ease.

As soon as the bullfrog was ready, Lei Zhongfu came to ask for a bullfrog. Lei Dongbao pretended to be stupid and lied with Lei Shigen, but Yang Yang said it. Lei Zhongfu was anxious to say that bullfrogs are bred, male and female are proportional, crying. Lei Dongbao took the three prepared bullfrogs confidently and said to try it for him, and ran away while he was not paying attention. Everyone from the East China Sea project team came, saying that they were here to help Song Yunhui share the workload. After a round, everyone returned to the office.

Ma Baoping and Song Yunhui divided the work. He transferred Song Yunhui to take charge of the terminal construction. Song Yunhui was worried that he was not qualified for the job because he was not a professional. Ma Baoping said that his report was well done, and the leaders of the ministry attached great importance to it.

Song Yunhui asked him to tell the truth to himself, and Ma Baoping didn’t hide his choking. Song Yunhui’s previous report irritated some people by analyzing the American equipment in more detail than the Japanese equipment, thinking that he was openly challenging. Song Yunhui knew that that person was Director Lu, but Ma Baoping decided that he went to the dock. This is a bad thing for others, but not necessarily for Song Yunhui.

He was so young that he offended others and mixed with the elderly. There was no way to get ahead, Song Yunhui went to the dock alone to do things, and he could ask for credit for him. Song Yunhui had never thought about this before. Hearing Ma Baoping said that, he agreed, but I still hope that he can convince the ministry to give priority. U.S. equipment treats employees who first come to the East China Sea.

Song Yunhui was going to have a meeting to hand over work, and everyone heard that he had to leave for a while and couldn’t accept it. In the evening, Gao Xiangrong came to Song Yunhui and said that Ma Baoping needed a fax machine. It took two weeks to approve the new one. Song Yunhui agreed to take his first. Han Zegang hesitated and seemed to have something to say. Now the people on the peninsula are Song Yunhui’s people inside and outside. Although he knows that he has no selfish intentions, there is one thing Song Yunhui must pay attention to.

Being too sharp can easily offend people. Han Zegang said that Song Yunhui had offended people, so stop making trouble on the dock. Song Yunhui gave Han Zegang a list of equipment. Imported equipment is easily restricted. The equipment on this list is currently relatively safe. Wei Chunhong was discharged from the hospital to pick up Yangyang from Xiaolei’s house, and Lei Dongbao and his party sent him away.

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