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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 3 Recap

The diagnosis and treatment plan entered the next step, to find a point of fit with Zhu Xuanwen, so Luo Kaihuai thought of his second uncle Zhu Li, and invited him to the coffee shop to see him. Unexpectedly, Chairman Zhu was the one who insisted on sending her to the company that day, or In fact, they met earlier. In the heavy rain, Zhu Li was frustrated and frustrated. At that time, Luo Kaihuai walked with an umbrella to pick up his watch and gave him the umbrella. Today Zhu Li also came with this umbrella. Zhu Li trusted Luo Kaihuai and was willing to send Zhu Xuanwen to her for treatment. They talked about the progress of the illness.

Taozi came to Luo’s house. The room was dark and messy, as if it had been ransacked by robbers. The corner of the stairs was still bleeding from the corner of his mouth. Luo laughed, and died without saying a word. Taozi was panicking. Suddenly Luo’s father and Luo Kaihuai came down from upstairs, holding a cake with a warm candlelight. Today is Peach’s birthday. Her parents are in the country. It is not easy to come out alone. The Luo family has always loved her, and Luo laughed and cut her. A big cake.

On the Yike board of directors, the shareholders insisted on seeing Luo Kaihuai, so Zhu Li took everyone to the studio and changed into the costume of a minister before seeing the prince. The group cannot lack the helm, but all shareholders cannot decide who will act as the temporary executor, so he followed the situation of the prince and asked his opinion.

Zhu Xuanwen did not answer the question and threw the question to Luo Kaihuai. The ability to convince the public, so Mr. Mei and Zhu Li took two months, then whoever has good performance will temporarily replace the CEO. President Mei had already had other ideas, which meant that Luo Kaihuai would try his best to cure Zhu Xuanwen within two months.

Thinking of these Luo Kaihuai frowning, even Zhu Xuanwen realized that her expression was different, and she rushed in a little prevarication. As soon as she turned around, she saw the scissors on the table. She couldn’t help but breathe hard, remembering the scene that appeared repeatedly in her dreams. Her arms were caught in the trap, and there was blood everywhere. Her body shuddered to the extreme, until Zhu Xuanwen came, she fell out of fright, and the moment Zhu Xuanwen fell, she put her head on the back of her hand, and she fled hurriedly from Zhu Xuanwen’s arms, fearing that she might have sharp fears that would be exposed to him. Before.

Thinking of her trembling expression that day when the sword was in Luo Kaihuai’s space, plus the situation last night, Zhu Xuanwen guessed that she was inseparable from each other, and ordered people to pick up all the sharp things. Who knows that the people who move things will have a lot of hands and feet. The box knife and scissors fell out, Luo Kaihuai was frightened, and Dave, who was on the side, saw her nervousness in his eyes, and told these people to move things away.

Luo Kai laughed in order to accompany Taozi to buy paint, not only skipping class, but also rushing to pay the bill. He is still a student, not focusing on his studies, but thinking about how to get along with Taozi. Taozi was angry and stopped the taxi and saw him chase him again. The car was running in embarrassment, and finally relented, and let him get in the car after a few words.

Luo Kaihuai wanted to find Dave about Zhu Xuanwen’s past modern life memories, and found that he was locking a room door. That night she stewed the chicken soup and found that room without finding Zhu Xuanwen, and found Zhu Xuanwen’s many brilliant achievements in it. Certificates, as well as photos of childhood. Then when I asked Dave about the fragments of Zhu Xuanwen’s modern life in the morning, why he couldn’t tell why he didn’t know it. Isn’t this a contradiction?

Suddenly she turned her head and saw the peach blossom hairpin. How could the dotted peach blossom hairpin in the dream be here? The bride who died in the dream was wearing this hairpin and gave it to the groom before he died. Lianyi escorted Zhu Xuanwen all the way to the capital, only to find that he was the prince, after which Zhu Xuanwen gave her this hairpin to replace her peach blossom branch. When Luo Kaihuai was shocked, Zhu Xuanwen came, and she could only find excuses to leave, but she must find another chance to investigate the strange hairpin.

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