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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 4 Recap

Luo Kaihuai made a long list of purchases, drove away Dave, and accidentally spilled tea on Zhu Xuanwen so that he would take a bath and change clothes. Luo Kaihuai searched back and forth to find the key and opened the door of the room. The picture in the middle has the appearance of a bridegroom, and when Zhu Xuanwen wears a hairpin for Ripples, Zhu Xuanwen suddenly appears behind her.

This time the excuse has no effect. She has no choice but to surround Zhu Xuanwen from the back and say that she is happy and the lord is curious to break in. Come. This answer is not bad, plus she actually knew the name of this hairpin, she must be a destined person, Zhu Xuanwen rewarded her with this little peach flower hairpin.

A few days after Zhu Xuanwen returned to Beijing, his eyes finally improved. Lianyi was disappointed when she heard the news, so she packed up her bags and left silently. On the long street, Zhu Xuanwen asked about the girl with the hairpin and peach blossoms until the two passed by. The fragrance of peach blossoms on her body made Zhu Xuanwen recognize her, and he ordered the peach blossom hairpin to replace the original peach blossom branch. This hairpin was prepared for the future princess. After receiving his hairpin, he could not regret it.

Luo Kaihuai thought over and over again and decided to return the peach blossom hairpin to Zhu Xuanwen. Dave looked at them and thought that the prince must have fallen in love with the little maidservant, otherwise he would never blame him for being so messy. So he ran to the kitchen to run Luo Kaihuai, suspecting that he wanted to take this opportunity to fly to the branch to become a phoenix, but this wishful thinking would not survive in his place, and found that the warning Luo Kaihuai was invalid, Dave ran directly to her company to find the boss Qin Feng asked for Luo Kaihuai to be replaced.

At this time, there was also someone who agreed with him to impeach Luo Kaihuai. When he met his old friend, Dave could not wait to agree with him. But at first glance, this person was Linda, and if Luo Kaihuai Throw this case away, then the eight achievements of this matter fell on Linda, so he immediately turned his head and turned his head.

Taozi’s gym is open, but no one has been willing to do memberships. It must be fake if you don’t worry about it. Even Luo can tell when she laughs. So she asked her to buy some fruit snacks and bribed her roommates and asked them to buy them all. A membership card, if you can buy a few for the family Ran, really is a good buddy who troubles friends with both sides for love.

Luo Kaihuai’s next step is to use modern things to inspire his life memories. When today’s tea was brought up, she dropped the phone intentionally or unintentionally, showing the call function and drawing on it, but it’s a pity that Zhu Xuanwen thought about it. Iron things are completely uninterested. On the other hand, Zhu Xuanwen’s car accident was touched by someone, and there was a big uproar again. At this time, he must stand up and tell the outside world that he is normal, in order to suppress the external message storm. This can only be done. Leave it to Luo Kaihuai.

So in order to coax Zhu Xuanwen out for a walk, he almost exhausted all his energy. All kinds of flattery, flattery, flattery, flattery and ingratiating all kinds of things, pinching her shoulders and legs are not enough to impress the prince, because the prince wants to listen to singing. So Luo Kaihuai sang a few popular saliva songs nowadays, not to his liking, and finally the last quiet light song with guitar accompaniment made him feel happy, and then he agreed to wear a suit and go out to play with Luo Kaihuai.

Putting on modern suits and leather shoes, Zhu Xuanwen has another kind of handsomeness. Walking in the garden with Luo Kaihuai, he sneaked a few handsome photos, and then chatted with the prince. In the end, he even boldly called his name, Zhu Xuanwen. Not stunned, Dave in the distance saw this scene and didn’t know what he was thinking about.

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