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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 5 Recap

Luo Kaihuai was in the back kitchen. Dave suddenly came to consult him about his condition. After understanding, he found that all the progress of Zhu Xuanwen would be summarized in the hands of the client, namely Zhu Li, after psychological evaluation. So he asked Luo Kaihuai to take the lunch to the courtyard and lead the way. Just a few steps away, Dave opened the lunch box. There was no food inside, but a pair of scissors facing Luo Kaihuai. She threw the box right away. Leaning on the rockery and panting.

Dave took the scissors and approached Luo Kaihuai step by step. He said threatening words and asked her to spend less time, otherwise he would be careful to change to a thankless result. At this time, one hand blocked the scissors and continued to approach her. It was Zhu Xuanwen, Luo Kaihuai knocked to the ground just now, and now fell weakly in his arms, seeing this situation Dave had to stop. Zhu Xuanwen hugged her all the way back to the room, and ordered Dave to bring the medicine. Luo Kaihuai thought that there must be some misunderstanding between her and Dave, so he begged the prince to condescend to pour tea for her, and the two of them were just right. You can ask clearly.

A psychotherapist is best at observing people’s reactions. Dave was anxious since Zhu Xuanwen sent Luo Kaihuai some red peach flower hairpins. His intention was to drive Luo Kaihuai away, indirectly not wanting Zhu Xuanwen to heal. Since he is Zhu Xuanwen’s A good friend is enough to understand his heart, perhaps Zhu Xuanwen does not want to wake up from a happy prince’s dream, Luo Kaihuai wants to cure one, Dave does not want to cure one, so the two people’s wishes are contrary. When Zhu Xuanwen came back with tea, they immediately separated the two sides. Zhu Xuanwen rubbed medicine on her, and Luo Kaihuai took this opportunity to sue Dave, so Zhu Xuanwen stood up and presided over justice, and no one could oppress anyone.

The next day Zhu Li brought two chefs to see the prince. Luo Kaihuai went to the back kitchen to take care of him. When he left, Zhu Li saw her walking a little unstable, and he couldn’t help but look worried. He sent her medicine for treating her legs, Luo Kaihuai also gave him a photo of Zhu Xuanwen’s modern outfit, and made a bowl of chicken soup. After a long time he didn’t taste these meals carefully. Zhu Li was a little bit emotional. He was always alone in a hurry. He was busy filling his stomach, and even the time to enjoy the food was so pitiful. Seeing him so emotional, Luo Kaihuai generously invited him to come to the house to have dinner with Zhu Xuanwen in the future.

Taozi’s gym became famous, and the people who came to organize the membership lined up. Seeing that some of them were smiling with Luo, she knew that they were students. She immediately decided to cut the price by 50% and said nothing should be close to the students. Earn money.

Zhu Li helped Luo Kaihuai to walk, and Zhu Xuanwen at the back saw his uncle and Luo Kaihuai walking together. He was very uncomfortable. When Zhu Li left, he threw away the medicine one by one, replaced it with his own medicine and gave it himself. She painted. If you want to come to Luo Kaihuai, haven’t you been asking him for a reward, and there is nothing else to do, so let her be a princess.

On the second day, a lot of maids and maids were called to sub-stations. Dave read the cheat sheet and promulgated the decree of the concubine. After that, all the group actors helped her move things with a sense of play, and the princess moved to Lianyi Pavilion. Taozi was shocked when she heard this. She knew that Luo Kaihuai was afraid that she would misinterpret the relationship with Zhu Xuanwen, which would indirectly affect the treatment results. The news media in the distance played the photos of Zhu Xuanwen, confirming that Zhu Xuanwen was indeed recovering from illness, which was not as absurd as rumors.

Zhu Li met again at the café. This time I mainly thanked her for the several photos and suppressed the rumors. Suddenly someone behind him was playing the piano. Zhu Li looked at her eagerly, and stepped forward to play a piece for her. The tune was melodious and cheerful, and at first glance, it was a level that can only be achieved by people who really love music. The prince of the mansion has been waiting for the princess for a long time, and still hasn’t seen anyone return. In the end, Luo Kaihuai finally rushed back at the agreed last minute. Zhu Xuanwen was looking through the photos on his phone when Luo Kaihuai happened to hit him straight.

Unexpectedly, he was willing to come into contact with new things on his own. Luo Kaihuai gave a long explanation. He took Zhu Xuanwen and took a lot of photos and taught him various postures. Finally, Zhu Xuanwen even learned to use WeChat. So late at night, when Luo opened the diary, he received a video call from Zhu Xuanwen, either pouring tea or washing her feet. Finally, she was busy facing the video and fell asleep directly, and the phone was turned off the next day.

Now that he had contact with modern elements, Luo Kaihuai thought that he might as well take him out of the palace while the iron was hot, but when Dave blocked them, they decided at random that Zhu Xuanwen would draw lots. Luo Kaihuai would leave the house, and Dave would stay in the house. , So Zhu Xuanwen got Dave’s lottery, but he read Luo Kaihuai’s name. The three of them put on the costumes of handsome men and beautiful women, and went out when they put on sunglasses.

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