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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 6 Recap

Coming to the mall, Zhu Xuanwen met sunglasses, ate a novel ice cream, ordered Dave to try the massage chair, then left him to take Luo Kaihuai to go shopping, drank the milk tea that Luo Kaihuai had drunk, and put on clothes for the exposed model , The two officially went to buy clothes. Who knew they met a self-media who was doing a live broadcast and shot Zhu Xuanwen wildly, but they had to get out after he was shocked by a few words. At this time Dave came, and Luo Kaihuai told him to look at Zhu Xuanwen and go to the bathroom by himself.

Just outside the bathroom, I heard that the self-media company was contacting the seller just now to send out Zhu Xuanwen’s video for black material. He quickly took the phone to record, and then advised this person not to publish the video, otherwise she would have audio testimony, enough for him to eat. It’s a lawsuit. People from the media saw that they had a handle in hand and stepped back and agreed.

When Luo Kaihuai turned around, she knocked off her mobile phone with one hand. The phone fell heavily, and it was estimated that all the contents were gone. What about Luo Kaihuai. He can’t do anything, Zhu Xuanwen can, so he hit the man with a punch, hitting the man’s face, and a girl behind him happened to take a picture of all this.

Soon, Zhu Xuanwen’s fight for women in public spread all over the Internet, not only the rumors inside Yike, but the gym of Peach, and the mahjong stall of Dad Luo, all these can’t escape. Taozi persuaded her to abandon the case first. Luo’s father worried that she would suffer from bad words. Zhu Li wanted to suspend her work first and wait until the matter subsided before making plans.

Now there is no place for Luo Kaihuai. She can only sit alone under the canopy at the bus station to hide from the rain. Suddenly a man with an umbrella walks over, and the prince came to pick her home. The lights along the way were all lit up, prepared by the prince’s orders. He wanted to illuminate his princess’s way home. For a while, the gloomy mood disappeared. Only her and his prince were on the way after the rain.

Once Zhu Li loved the piano as much as he was talented and willing to work hard. Everything will come naturally, but his father asked him to come back to manage the company and the watch he sent him was to tell him to cherish time and not to waste on meaningless artistic pursuits. He was extremely irritable, suppressed to the limit, and threw his watch in the heavy rain. It was also at that time that he met Luo Kaihuai, the girl who picked up his watch and gave him an umbrella. Now when I touch the piano again, it is because of Luo Kaihuai.

When he came back to the palace, Luo Kaihuai asked Zhu Xuanwen what he should do if everyone wanted him to leave someone. He didn’t expect that the prince was still an affectionate prince. If the person who wanted him to leave was the princess, he would rather protect him to the end. The beating incident was raging, and the directors came to the palace in disguise and disguised themselves. Mr. Mei meant that Luo Kaihuai was driven out. The matter was really tricky. She was responsible for this matter. If she could not find the real culprit in the end, she would be self-confident. Please leave the house.

In the past two days, she was busy repairing her mobile phone and checking and monitoring, but she didn’t make any progress. Instead, she was exhausted and got sick and fever. Zhu Xuanwen discovered that she was unconscious and unwilling to take the medicine when she was delivering the medicine, so Zhu Xuanwen took a sip for her and stayed by her side.

Zhu Xuanwen was arrested for interrogation, saying that he suspected that he had been fornicating with foreign enemies, Ripples was anxious, sneaked into the mansion overnight to search for evidence, risked his death and presented it to the emperor, asking him to acquit him. The dream renewed when I woke up, and even Dave started to help her and give him some useless ideas.

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