True Beauty (Goddess Advent)


“I’ll do what I tell you, keep it secret” Ju-kyung even shuttles for Suho’s enlistment!

How would it feel to live as a goddess?〈Goddess Advent〉 tells the story of Ju-kyung, who had an appearance complex, reborn as a goddess of self-confidence. Ju-kyung began to become dissatisfied with her appearance while being teased as a chinta in junior high school, and watching her favorite lunch room brother make a beautiful friend. For her, makeup is not a simple change in appearance, but a weapon that increases self-esteem.

It is natural that Jukyung struggles to keep the title of’Pretty Schoolgirl’, who experienced that people’s attitudes toward themselves change before and after makeup. He is full of fear that he might go back to his middle school days when his face is revealed. For Ju-kyung, Suho is like a time bomb that never knows when it will explode. She is the only person who knows her bare face and is a key figure to Jukyung. Contrary to her worries, however, Suho does not evaluate Jukyung as her appearance, but gradually gets closer through common interests.

Suho, who chose makeup to raise his lower self-esteem, but knows the secrets of Ju-kyung and Ju-kyung, who are affirmed that they will be exposed, but does not care at all. I am curious about how the relationship between the two will unfold.

Goddess Advent
Associated Names: 여신강림, True Beauty
Genres: romance
Year: October 29, 2020
Status: N/A

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